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Japan whaling ships leave for Antarctic hunt

Rise in whale numbers off Qld

Dead whale beached in Montevideo

Beached whale found at Brunswick Heads now recovering

Norwegian whale hunters satisfied with increased catch

Dozens of pilot whales stranded along Florida coast

Japan says will honour ICJ whaling decision

Japan kicks off first whale hunt since UN court ruling

Anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd prepares to intercept Japanese whalers

Norway keeps whaling quota unchanged for 2014

Japanese kill minke whales in Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary - Sea...

Feds report increase in whales hit by ships

Iceland ups 2014 whaling quotas

Stranded whales refloated in New Zealand

Environmentalists pleased over whale beer ban

Tracker reveals whaling vessel turn-around

Whaling exhibit captures changing times

Whale hurts 4 on Mexico whale-watching boat

Dead whale found on Uruguay beach buried

Pilot whales strand again in New Zealand

Sea Shepherd shuts down Japan's whale hunt

Stranded whales in New Zealand euthanised

Pod of rare shepherd's beaked whales spotted off Kangaroo Island

Stranded melon-headed whale dies on Trinidad beach

Japan restarts whaling program in north-west Pacific

More funding for non-lethal whale research sends clear message, says...

ICJ to rule on Australia's case against Japanese whaling

New whale stranding on notorious New Zealand beach

Natural causes blamed for whale deaths

News Summary: Australia says ban Japanese whaling

Qld whales still at sea but remain at risk

Rescue mission for whale stranded in Vic

Whale beachings no family affair: study

Rotting, bloated Blue whale worries Canadian fishing community

Mass whale stranding on New Zealand coast

Attorney-General wants Japanese whaling outlawed before next hunting season

Japan pro-whaling lobby vows to continue hunts

Australia condemns Japan whale hunt

Suspected pregnant whale off Sydney beach

Family link unlikely in whale stranding: study

Whale snared in shark nets off Qld

Research tracks minke whales' journey

Japan will continue whaling traditions: minister

Aerial survey checks whale numbers off South Australia

Pilot whales beach in South Africa

Giant Whale Vacuumed in New York City

Japan opens world court defense of whaling

Australia and Japan set for court over whaling

Japan whale ship 'rams' Sea Shepherd boat

Sonar shown to deeply worry whales

Aust expects Japan to accept ICJ rule

Rare conjoined whales wash up in Baja, California lagoon

Killer whales heading to deeper water

Changing shipping routes could save blue whales

UN court orders Japan to halt Antarctic whale hunt

Sea Shepherd pursues Japanese whalers

Hopes stranded NZ whales have swum clear

Whales stranded in New Zealand's Golden Bay

Australia to continue whaling flights

Japan whalers have 'worst ever' catch

Sea Shepherd crew back on dry land

Surfer at Bondi Beach knocked unconcious by whale