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Russian FM says Moscow hopes for success of Syria talks

Syria says Assad will remain president until 2014

Balance of power in Syria shifting Assad's way

Syrian rebels close in on Aleppo airport

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Securing Syria's arsenal is rife with challenges

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Damascus regime adamant Syrians alone will decide future

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Syria FM calls opposition 'traitors' at peace talks

Syrian delegation to peace talks blocked for hours in Athens

Iran, Syria FMs in Moscow to plot Syria strategy

No 'tangible results' in peace talks: Syrian foreign minister

Syria opposition still mulling peace talks after ceasefire offer

Syria rejected US talks bid without Kerry apology: FM

Syria offers concessions ahead of Geneva peace talks

Warring sides trade blame in fresh Syria talks

Syria commits to 4-day truce, but prospects dim

US rules out coordination with Syria as it spies on jihadists

Obama sets stage for Syria strikes with surveillance flights

Syria can't stop US strikes, but hopes to benefit

World leaders address UN's annual gathering

Syrian voices on the nation's presidential vote

Syrian regime, opposition edge towards new peace talks

Syrian team, Putin to discuss relaunching peace talks

IS jihadists suffer heavy losses in Syria's Kobane

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Rockets in Lebanon capital signal Syrian spillover

A look at the latest Syria developments

Weapons experts kick off complex Syria mission

Syria says it fighting rebels who eat human hearts

Syrian opposition splintered ahead of peace talks

Survivors describe horrors of suspected gas attack

Obama balances military threats, diplomatic hope

Question of enforcement casts cloud on Syria plan

Syria says ready for cease-fire, prisoners swap

Peace talks on Syria stuck over Assad's future

Syria FM, UN chief in verbal clash at conference

Quotes from the Syrian peace conference

Egypt leader slams Syrian regime during Iran visit

Obama efforts to oust Assad pushed to back burner

US-led planes strike fighters attacking Syria town

As civil war rages, Syrians vote in 'sham' election

Hezbollah, Syrian rebels in worst clash in Lebanon

Syrian activists say rebels shot down warplane

Syria, Iran say Assad to remain in power till 2014

Syrian army advances in Qusair and Damascus suburb

US weighs talk of Syria dumping chemical weapons

Momentum grows for military action against Syria

US official: chemical weapons likely used in Syria

Syrian vice president says army can't win

UN chief's bungled Iran invitation hurts his role

US, EU must combat Mideast terrorism: Russia

Syria, Iran slam US strategy in fighting Islamic State

Syrian foreign minister's heart surgery a success

Russia trying to arrange summit of Syrian factions

Syria, allies condemn Israeli airstrikes

Search is on for diplomatic solution to Syria war

Wounded and civilians trapped in Syria's Qusair

Clashes present test for Lebanon's weak military

Syria: Arming rebels is 'dangerous' US decision

Russia, Arab League push for Syria conflict talks

Russia offers to broker Syria talks

Syria says it's prepared to talk with armed rebels

Syrian army moves to retake Christian village

Syria positive about giving up chemical weapons

Kerry reasserts Syria charge despite Assad denial

Russia says Iran essential for finding Syria peace

Iran urges nonaligned nations role in Syria

Egypt leader in Iran: World must back Syria rebels

Syrian official warns US: No unilateral airstrikes

Kerry visits UAE for talks on Syria

Syria says US created 'negative climate' in Geneva

Israeli airstrike in Syria aimed at Iran

Peace envoy Brahimi in talks with Syria's Assad

Agreement ends shelling of Syrian village

Syria's FM: No transition plan without Assad

Rights group: Syrian regime behind chemical attack

Syria says it accepted Russian weapons proposal

Syrian FM blames West for nation's suffering

No hint of compromise as Syria peace talks enter day two

Talks over, little sign of progress towards Syria peace