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Morcombe verdict reached

Verdict day for Knox in fresh murder appeal

French court delivers verdict in Rwandan genocide case

Verdict postponed for Egypt Islamist chief

Protest as verdict due in anti-Putin protest trial

Sica trial judge adjourns to consider verdict

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AP PHOTOS: Verdict in Jodi Arias murder trial

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Dale jury retires to consider verdict

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Defendant ill, Bangladesh war crimes trial delayed

Jury mulls verdicts at UK phone hacking trial

Baden-Clay waits for a verdict as deliberations continue

Knox trial nears 3rd verdict

Verdict upheld against 'Girls Gone Wild' founder

LogMeIn gives back some gains after patent verdict

Murder jury to resume deliberations on Monday

Knox judge faces allegations of impropriety

China's fallen politician appeals guilty verdict

Russia court orders review of Pussy Riot verdicts

Thai ruling party escapes punishment in key court ruling

Jury fails to reach verdict in manslaughter trial

Judgement day in sensational Indian double murder trial

London police call for dialogue after shooting verdict

Man freed in California jury mistake, killed

Artist Steven Cohen convicted for rooster-penis dance

Thai court sets date to rule on PM dismissal

Jury issues $55M verdict against Honda after crash

No verdict, no mistrial yet in Ventura libel case

Italian court finds Amanda Knox guilty of murder

ABC News Video - Updated 10 Times Daily

Amanda Knox's Murder Conviction Upheld on Appeal

ABC News Video - Updated 10 Times Daily

Calif. man dies hours after freed by jury mistake

Peter Greste 'devastated' by Egyptian court's guilty verdict

Retrial in Florence finds Knox, Sollecito guilty of murder

Russia: Khodorkovsky's prison term cut by 2 months

Bangladesh sentences 150 troops to death for mutiny

Attorneys React to Zimmerman Verdict

Mich. Woman, 75, Convicted of Murdering Grandson

Anger in Kashmir after soldiers cleared over killings

Knox says she will not willingly return to Italy

Sanford police urge peace after Zimmerman verdict