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US dominates Chinese world university rankings

Colleges add luxury touches to new stadiums

Militants use British killer as propaganda

Voice, image give clues in hunt for Foley's killer

Chubby Prince George shown off at royal christening

Daylight around the clock now possible

David Frost, known for Nixon interview, dies at 74

Spain PM resists resignation demands amid scandal

Stinky feet may lead to better malaria traps

Western intelligence talking to Damascus, minister says

Patients with deadly TB released in South Africa

Saul Zaentz, producer of Oscar winners, dies at 92

BioMarin takes bigger 4Q loss on development costs

Database lets Britons find slave-owning ancestors

NFL trials show league's global progress

Cyberwar manual lays down rules for online attacks

The Boat Race: slick, sponsored but still amateur

Escape tale of first Australia convicts revealed in full

The Boston tapes that ensnared Gerry Adams

WIMBLEDON WATCH: College tennis on Centre Court

Scientists closer to blood test for Alzheimer's

Downed jet claimed victims from 13 countries

Possible evidence of Arafat poisoning is reported

Vatican fields cricket club as sport, faith merge

New DNA tests say head isn't French King Henri IV

Bartoli sidesteps BBC announcer's daft remark

More lesbian sex please, we're British

IVF pioneer Robert Edwards dead at age 87

Father: Diplomat Died Doing What She Loved

British Library sets out to archive the Web

Newtown parents back study for clues to violence

Oxford librarian 'sacked' for Harlem Shake video

Cash can bribe dieters to lose weight, study finds

Flap artists: Birds sync wing beats in V formation

After 50 years, Beatlemania rocks Washington anew

Talk and die: The invisible threat from brain injuries

Escape tale of first Australia convicts revealed in full

2016 campaign checklist: Hillary Clinton

India's Hindu hardliners see 'one of their own' as PM

Study Suggests E-cigarettes Help Smokers Quit

New stadiums seek post-World Cup events

Bogus academic claims tarnish Serbia's ivory tower

Happiness predictable by mathematical formula, scientists say

UK study: Violence more likely among vets, troops

Bullying study: It does get better for gay teens

Child behavioral problems linked to bedtimes: study

JPMorgan hit by U.S. bribery probe into Chinese hiring - report

Memorials mark Lockerbie attack anniversary

Cloud firm Box raises $100 mn

New prince has long wait to inherit throne

LA-based Siberian sprinter aims for 50 free title

Doctors trying to bring Schumacher out of coma

Westward shift by Ukraine would be momentous event

After 50 years, Beatlemania rocks Washington anew

Eat more fresh fruit and veg, Brits told in health study

With ECB coming, banks brace with new provisions

Huge femur in Argentina could be biggest dino yet

First long-necked dinosaur fossils found in Argentina

In US and abroad, new focus on anti-women violence