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Clashes at Burkina Faso protest against leader's plan to extend rule

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Burkina protesters burn parliament, ransack state TV

Burkina president rejects opposition calls to step down

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Frelimo's Nyusi wins Mozambique elections - provisional results

Burkina Faso army seizes power, declares state of emergency

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Burkina Faso declares state of emergency

Burkina army 'backs protesters' as parliament set ablaze

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Zambian president dies after long illness

Ebola quarantines: Can states do that?

Tunisian forces kill six after standoff with militants outside Tunis

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Few details offered on quarantines over Ebola

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Indonesian Funds Hold Most Cash Since June on Policy Risks

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Peshmerga at Turkish border to reinforce besieged Kobane

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Before US, gay marriage accepted in parts of world

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