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Russia - U.N. Security Council should stay out of Burundi dispute

Russia: U.N. Security Council should stay out of Burundi dispute

Japan ruling party gears up to revise pacifist constitution

PM Abe's party eyes revision of Japan pacifist constitution by late 2018

Oklahoma lethal injection drug faces U.S. Supreme Court test

Police kill two in protest against Burundian president seeking third term

Obama welcomes Japan's Abe with South Lawn ceremony

Clash of Views Before Gay Marriage Arguments

U.S. diplomat in Burundi amid anti-president protests

Burundi tells foreign envoys to stay neutral over unrest

Q&A: Issues, possible legal outcomes in gay marriage cases

U.S., Japan unveil new defence guidelines for global Japanese role

US tells Burundi's president his country risks boiling over

Q&A: What's at stake in Supreme Court gay marriage arguments

Lethal injection case exposes U.S. top court's death penalty divide

U.S., Japan unveil new defense guidelines for global Japanese role

Exclusive: Japan considering joint U.S. air patrols in South China Sea -...

Centenary of 1.5 million Armenian deaths marked in NYC

Abe voices 'repentance' on WW2, touts Japan's new security role

Arrests rise in Burundi protests protesters vow to remain

Pioneer for gay marriage among lawyers for high court cases

Deaths rise, aid flown in after Nepal quake: Things to Know

Justice Kennedy sent clearer signal in 2013 marriage case

Audio: Supreme Court Hears Gay Marriage Case

Capitol Hill Buzz: Cruz discusses missing Lynch vote

France investigates accusations that soldiers raped children

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders says he's running for president

Nine await mass execution in Indonesia, as foreign hopes for reprieve fade

Obama accuses China of flexing muscle in disputes with neighbors

Japan PM offers condolences for WWII dead in historic speech

Obama accuses China of flexing muscle in disputes with neighbours

China teaches top cadres Western ideas despite backlash

Palmer United Party to be divided in Qld

Afghan Taliban boldly attack on Kabul airport

Column: Restore wrestling, give others fair shot

NKorea: Detained American smuggled in propaganda

AP Exclusive: IRS knew tea party targeted in 2011

From outsiders to bombing suspects in Boston

Suicide blast in Syrian capital kills at least 15

Today in History for May 4th

Obama and Bush, partisans who share common ground

Egypt convicts NGO workers, including 16 Americans

Pirate Party has electoral breakthrough in Iceland

Bomb at Pakistan Islamist party rally kills 16

US calls for NKorea amnesty for sentenced American

Chile Communists back Bachelet in president vote

Obama balances threats against Americans' rights

Venezuela crackdown deemed worst in years

G-8 foreign ministers slam NKorea rhetoric

Zimbabwe to vote on new constitution

Nigeria summons US official over tweets on pardon

Maduro leans on Chavez's charisma for popularity

Rights groups: Zimbabwe police intensify threats

Nigeria pardons ex-governor who stole millions

Olympic association body want wrestling

Kerry: Egypt needs political, economic viability

China's Xi rides high hopes ahead of presidency

In Myanmar, answers to ethnic conflict elusive

Lawmakers urge oversight of drone program

Syrian troops, rebels clash over Damascus highway

Egypt court orders YouTube blocked for a month

Parnell discusses 5-year fiscal plan for Alaska

Column: Other issues in focus as war, economy fade

Kenya elections observers to enhance transparency

Court hears Fla. appeal of Cuba contracts law

Feds set deadline for NY's Westchester County

AP EXCLUSIVE: Karzai opponents talk to Taliban

Moscow to start evacuating Russians from Syria

Barack Obama's second inaugural address

Hugo Chavez, fiery Venezuelan leader, dies at 58

Fiery funeral for Venezuela's Chavez

Haitian schools expand use of Creole language

What's a filibuster look like? Not Jimmy Stewart

Mexico's legal soul search after Frenchwoman freed

Pa. judge nixes Sandusky's bid for new abuse trial