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Obama Gets a Little Help From 'The Boss'

Obama grants turkeys reprieve from stuffing-filled fate

Obama, Merkel meet in White House, strategize over Russia and Ukraine

Malaysian King, Obama exchange toasts at state dinner

U.S. President Barack Obama arrives in South Korea

U.S. President and Vice President show off their best moves

Obama, Raul Castro shake hands ignite both hope and anger

N.Korea fires missiles as U.S., Japan, S.Korea leaders meet

Obama focuses on jobs in weekly address

Obama: "If you have to work more, you should be able to earn more."

Obama promises to keep U.S. safe, while planning to reform NSA

Obama: No revival of "Cold War" with Russia over Ukraine, Syria

Obama warns Russia of more sanctions to come if it moves further into...

Congress needs to act regarding gun control-Obama

Hollande and Obama at Monticello

Obama calls Crimean referendum violation of international law

Saudi rights abuses not discussed in Obama-Abdullah talks

Obama: 'serious concerns' about Palestinian civilian deaths

Obama: still hopes for diplomatic solution to Ukraine crisis

Obama takes a stroll down the National Mall

China summons U.S. official over Obama, Dalai Lama meeting

Obama on Mandela: 'He belongs to the ages'

"Popcorn, you have a full reprieve from cranberry sauce and stuffing" -...

Obama: will sign bill "immediately" to reopen government, lift debt...

In Afghanistan, Obama talks post-2014 presence

Obama says he is shifting from Syria focus to domestic priorities

Obama, Putin held 'constructive' talks on Ukraine: U.S. official

Obama: "While Bowe was gone, he was never forgotten"

Obama to nominate former P&G CEO as VA secretary

Obama: U.S.-Russian agreement on Syria 'important step'

Obama discusses Iraq with Congressional leaders

Obama makes surprise Starbucks visit

Obama expresses deep concern to Putin on Ukraine

Obama departs South Korea, heading to Malaysia.

Obama departs Rome for Riyadh

Obama, First Lady visit troops in Hawaii

Obama not sending U.S. troops back into Iraq

Israel's outgoing president visits White House

Obama to urge Congress on boosting support for NATO allies

"There has to be a way to restructure the Ukrainian government" -Obama

Obama vows to explore diplomatic route on Syria

US President Obama in landmark visit to Malaysia

U.S. President Obama pays tribute to Korean War dead

Tight security before President Obama's visit to Rome

Obama calls for vote to end government shutdown

Obama: "Restaurants and shopping" on agenda for U.S. volunteers for Milan...

Obama arrives in Philippines

AP PHOTOS: Popes meetings with US presidents

Obama wraps up Japan visit

Obama hosts Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki

Historic phone call between Obama and Iran's Rouhani

Obama reaffirms Japan commitment

Obama returns to U.S. after marking D-Day in Normandy

Obama wraps up Asian tour

Obama say U.S. not sending troops "back into combat" in Iraq

Obama: negotiations can't be done 'with gun held to the head of the...