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How imminent is an 'imminent' attack threat?

When is an 'imminent' attack not imminent?

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Seven dead after a suicide bomb attack in the Afghan capital

U.S. Attorney General Holder to resign, official says

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US-led air strikes hit ISIS oil targets in Syria

Obama: 'American leadership is the one constant in an uncertain world'

Obama: 'Fighting Ebola epidemic is a national security priority'

Russian suspicions of US motives in Syria make cooperation unlikely

U.S. says diseases like Ebola should be viewed as security threats

Taliban suicide bombers kill 7 in Kabul, wound 21

At least 14 militants dead in U.S.-led strikes in Syria - monitor

Amid differences, Netanyahu to seek reassurances from Obama on Iran

Air strikes said to hit Islamic State oil refineries in Syria

Landmark $554M US-Navajo settlement made official

Iran-6 power talks turn into mostly Iran-US show

Amid differences, Israel's Netanyahu to seek reassurances from Obama on...

First Ebola case diagnosed in US, CDC reports

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Islamic State drags Obama back into Mideast quagmire

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Insight - Islamic State drags Obama back into Mideast quagmire

Vietnam welcomes efforts by U.S. to end its weapons embargo

US conducts five more airstrikes in Syria, Iraq against Islamic State

Exclusive: US to pay $300m to end Brazil cotton trade dispute - officials

Airstrikes launched amid intelligence gaps

Officials: US drone kills four militants in Pakistan

U.S. attorney general criticizes Apple, Google data encryption

U.S. attorney general criticises Apple, Google data encryption

CDC experts to deploy to Texas if patient has Ebola: official

U.S. Attorney General Holder steps down

Twenty-one Alaska soldiers exposed to carbon monoxide

Image of Asia: Body art to mark Modi's visit to US

Mugabe denounces 'evil machinations' by U.S., EU in Zimbabwe

Man brandishes gun near Ethiopian embassy, shots fired