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Suspicious powder sent to Canadian, Belgian, German, US consulates in...

China's Internet chief accuses U.S. of hacking but says talks 'unhindered'

U.S. officials urge more govt-business cooperation on cybersecurity

UK ends combat operations in Afghan province

Israeli leader lashes back at harsh US criticism

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Canada wrestles with low-key security approach after attacks

United States praises China's growing role in Afghanistan

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NATO chief: Strong alliance for better Russia ties

Sudan's Bashir wins party backing for vote, set to extend 25 year rule

Marine murder case reveals US-Philippine sore spot

India picks Israel's Spike anti-tank missile over U.S. Javelin: source

Suspicious powder sent to western consulates in Istanbul - officials

Suspicious powder sent to western consulates in Istanbul: officials

U.S. diplomat criticises PM Orban's Russia policies

U.S. diplomat criticizes PM Orban's Russia policies

Egypt clears Gaza border area to create security buffer

UN holds emergency meeting on Israel tensions

Netanyahu rejects personal attack as White House denies new rift

Investor to object to proposed $4.5 billion JPMorgan settlement

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Security tight in Canada as police probe Parliament gunman's ties

Afghan forces prepare to fight alone as foreign troops leave