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Denmark votes to send jet fighters to Iraq

Key partners in coalition against Islamic State

Egypt offers military training to Libya, cites Islamic State threat

Congress vote on campaign against Islamic State could lag to 2015

US tells citizens to leave Yemen, reduces embassy staff

Ukrainian troops defend airport in Donetsk as cease-fire wavers

British parliament approves air strikes against Islamic State in Iraq

US Ebola labs, parts for clinic arrive in Liberia

U.S.-led air strikes pose problem for Assad's moderate foes

Wife of British hostage appeals to Islamic State

UN: Islamic State forcing thousands to flee Syria

South Sudan leader affirms commitment to peace

In al Qaeda attack, lines between Pakistan military, militants blur

Afghanistan swears in new leader amid dispute, violence

Kurds seize Iraq-Syria border post Sunni tribe joins fight against ISIS

Ebola clinics fill up as Liberia awaits aid

Ebola case stokes concerns for Liberians in Texas

US-led planes strike fighters attacking Syria town

Kurds seize Iraq/Syria border post Sunni tribe joins fight against Islamic...

In attack by al Qaeda, lines blur between Pakistan's military, militants

Russian suspicions of US motives in Syria make cooperation unlikely

Afghanistan swears in new leader amid dispute, violence

Islamic State defies air strikes by shelling Syrian Kurdish town

Obama says underestimated IS Qaeda says West will be attacked

Exclusive: Ukraine prime minister says Russians 'want us to freeze'

Exclusive - Ukraine prime minister says Russians 'want us to freeze'

Turkey refugee crisis deepens as IS besieges Syrian border town

Palestinian leader in new UN bid to end occupation

World must do more to battle Ebola in West Africa - Obama

Turkey vows to fight Islamic State, coalition strikes near border

Amazon to BNSF shown path to drone approval by Hollywood waivers

Netanyahu: Hamas, Islamic State group share creed

Emotional toll taxes military drone operators too

NKorea may see few buyers despite rocket success

Syrian FM blames West for nation's suffering

Nationalist Shinzo Abe is likely Japan's next PM

US hesitant in condemning North Korean launch

Waiting on fiscal cliff compromise, stocks inch up

Dad seeks justice for slain son in broken Honduras

Obama aides: Myanmar visit not a 'victory' lap

Afghan killings case testing military system

Israel-Hamas cease-fire remains elusive

Courting Asia, Obama finds that the world intrudes

Romney, Obama aim at swing voters on health care

FACT CHECK: Romney's deficit vow lacks specifics

FACT CHECK: Obama and the phantom peace dividend