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Iran vows to aid Lebanese military

Sonova struggles to convince investors with new hearing aids

Cloud seeding new role for ex-Flying Tiger base

Obama to meet with allies on militant fight

US still searching for credible allies in Syria

'Kerry Air' grounded again, this time in Vienna

Obama authorizes National Guard, reserve call-up for Ebola

Obama keeps his schedule clear to focus on Ebola

Ebola cases follow cuts in US preparedness, research funding

Taliban ambush in Afghan north, bombs in capital and elsewhere kill 25

Kobani key to US strategy against Islamic State

Obama rallies allies as doubts grow on Islamic State strategy

U.S.-led coalition jets strike Kobani, Islamic State shells hit Turkey

Ramped up air strikes stall Islamic State advance on Syrian town

Ramped-up air strikes stall Islamic State advance on Syrian town

Effectiveness of Ebola travel ban questioned

Turkey would oppose US arms transfers to Kurds

Militias rule the day in strife-torn Middle East

US-led strike kills 8 in IS-held Syria town

Japan rolls out 'long-held dream' with first commercial jet in 50 years

Russia suffers sanctions as lower oil accelerates ruble collapse

Japan to roll out aerospace hope with first commercial jet in half a...

Fiercest fighting in days hits Syrian border town

Obama budget sweet spot may sour as deficits seen wider in 2016

Japan to roll out aerospace hope with first commercial jet in half a...

UN: We botched response to the Ebola outbreak

Putin, Poroshenko to discuss gas deal, peace moves in Italy

Where's Kim? Absent leader stirs wild speculation

NKorea may see few buyers despite rocket success

Syrian FM blames West for nation's suffering

Nationalist Shinzo Abe is likely Japan's next PM

US hesitant in condemning North Korean launch

Waiting on fiscal cliff compromise, stocks inch up

Dad seeks justice for slain son in broken Honduras

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Israel-Hamas cease-fire remains elusive

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US drones kill senior Taliban figure in Pakistan

$1 million donations wanted for Obama inauguration

McChrystal takes blame for Rolling Stone article

3 Kurds killed in Paris political motive claimed

Syrian forces escalate offensive in Homs

UN seeks major aid boost for Syrian 'catastrophe'

Sept. 11 judge rules on censor but little else

Court rulings dim outlook for Guantanamo trials

Obama allies cite PR missteps in bid for Syria hit

White House says to take 'hard look' at Russia offer on Syria

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US to help Syrian forces fight chemical weapons

Syria's Assad: An accidental heir proves resilient

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