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Hesitant Turkey seeks mandate for military action against Islamic State

Islamic State defies air strikes by shelling Syrian Kurdish town

Defying air strikes, Islamic State shells Syrian Kurdish town

Exclusive: Courting Vietnam, U.S. prepares to ease arms embargo

U.S. military chief says airstrikes are disrupting Islamic militants

Islamic State tightens siege of Syria town, more Europeans join alliance

U.S.-led air strikes pose problem for Assad's moderate foes

U.S. judge scrutinises HP shareholder deal in Autonomy case

US judge scrutinizes HP shareholder deal in Autonomy case

Obama Scores Coalition Victory With Strikes

Turkey's Erdogan calls for no-fly zone in Syria

Hamas, Fatah reach partial Gaza deal in Egypt

New mosquito-borne virus spreads in Latin America

Yemen's Shiite rebels agree to pull back, disarm

Obama, Modi vow to boost strategic ties, create model for world

Russian suspicions of US motives in Syria make cooperation unlikely

FTSE index ends higher, BHP up on listing news

US outgunned by extremists on new YouTube, Twitter battlefield

Sushi proves too expensive in Moscow as ruble diminishes: Cities

Adidas fights to draw top talent to HQ in sleepy Bavarian town

Adidas fights to draw top talent to headquarters in sleepy Bavarian town

Adidas fights to draw top talent to HQ in sleepy Bavarian town

Syrian rebel force of 12,000-15,000 needed to roll back IS group: US

Military families worried by US fiscal cliff cuts

Benghazi review finds systematic security faults

General investigated for emails to Petraeus friend

Afghan killings case testing military system

US general's visit to Iraq includes talks on Syria

US drones kill senior Taliban figure in Pakistan

Court rulings dim outlook for Guantanamo trials

Insight - Verizon, Vodafone CEOs talked in gym, agreed on price at...

Analysis - Military action in Syria faces uncertain fate in U.S. Congress

Congo's M23 rebels shelled Rwandan territory, U.N. says

How possible US strike against Syria could unfold

2 Koreas move closer to reopening factory park

Obama plays down US intervening in Syria

S&ampP rating warning, Middle East fears heap more pressure on sliding...

Emerging nations to fight alone against further FX falls - Reuters poll

Verizon sued by shareholder over $130 billion Vodafone wireless deal

GOP, Dems divided alike on foreign policy issues

Chilly reception for Kerry in Brazil, Colombia?