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US, allies stage 15 air strikes on Islamic State in Iraq, Syria - US

US military says air-drops weapons for Kurdish fighters near Kobane

Battle for Kobani continues

US airdrops arms to Kurds in Syrian town of Kobani

US-led air strikes killed 553 fighters, 32 civilians in Syria - monitor

US officials: Iraqi army regrouping slowly

US officials see signs of new life in Iraqi army

IS fighters seize weapons cache meant for Kurds

U.S.-led coalition jets strike Kobani, Islamic State shells hit Turkey

Coalition airstrikes in Syria killed over 500

US military sees long haul ahead for war with IS

Syria's Kobani less at risk but could still fall: U.S. officials

Syria's Kobani less at risk but could still fall - U.S. officials

Iraqi Kurds approve sending fighters to aid Syrian town

Turkey to let Iraqi Kurds reinforce Kobani as U.S. drops arms to defenders

Consumed by Islamic State, Iraq's Anbar province a key battleground again

Ground offensive against Islamic State months away in Iraq: U.S.

Kerry says Kurd aid isn't policy shift as Turkey eases curbs

Kurds reject Erdogan report of deal with Syrian rebels to aid besieged...

Frelimo's Nyusi wins Mozambique elections - provisional results

In Afghan north, Taliban gains ground and courts local support

In Afghan north, Taliban gains ground and courts local support

Cuba sends 91 more doctors to fight Ebola

Expelled Nazis paid millions in Social Security

Special Report - Traffickers use abductions, prison ships to feed Asian...

Traffickers use abductions, prison ships to feed Asian slave trade

Special Report - Why Ukraine's revolution remains unfinished

US arms airdrop falls into jihadist hands in Syria: monitor

IS attack on Syrian border town Kobane stalls amid US air assault

Petraeus biographer said to regret affair

Syrian rebels capture parts of army base in north

Not that hard for authorities to get to your email

General investigated for emails to Petraeus friend

Fallout for Women at Center of Generals Scandal

Russia welcomes any offer to give Assad refuge

Pakistani truckers of NATO goods go on strike

UN seeks major aid boost for Syrian 'catastrophe'

Syria's Assad: An accidental heir proves resilient

Congo's M23 rebels shelled Rwandan territory, U.N. says

How possible US strike against Syria could unfold

Syria evacuates most army buildings in Damascus: residents

US nuclear missiles are a force in much distress

Agreement ends shelling of Syrian village

Correction: Vietnam-Repressed Christians story

In northern Iraqi city, al-Qaida gathers strength

Rivalries complicate arms pipeline to Syria rebels

France, Britain confirm use of sarin gas in Syria