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Damascus ramps up fight, rights group says

U.S. military says air-drops weapons for Kurdish fighters near Kobani

Syrian Kurdish fighter's long battle in Syrian war

Qatar-backed candidate reelected Syrian opposition PM

US still searching for credible allies in Syria

Turkey denies allowing US to use bases for anti-IS strikes

Syria MP 'assassinated' in Hama

Former Iraqi pilots train IS fighters on captured jets

Airstrikes, street battles in Syrian Kurdish town

US-led strike kills 8 in IS-held Syria town

Turkish strikes on Kurds complicate anti-IS fight

Syrian Kurds feel abandoned as Kobani battle rages

Turkey would oppose US arms transfers to Kurds

Turkey bombs Kurdish rebel targets in southeast

Islamic State learning to fly: report

Islamic State forces 180,000 to flee in Iraq

Obama rallies coalition commanders against IS jihadists

Islamic State flying three jets in Syria: monitor

Militias rule the day in strife-torn Middle East

Obama, foreign military chiefs, to thrash out Islamic State plans

Iran vows to aid Lebanese military

US airdrops arms to Kurds in Syrian town of Kobani

IS jihadists execute man for 'filming HQ' in Syria

Report: Turkish jets hit Kurdish rebel targets

Jihadists fight way into centre of Syria border town

US pounds IS in Kobane after first talks with Syria Kurds

Obama rallies allies as doubts grow on Islamic State strategy

Kobani key to US strategy against Islamic State

Iran hits back at Saudi claims of 'occupying' Syria

Iran must withdraw 'occupying' forces from Syria: Saudi

With Syria at war, can Turkey and Ocalan still bring Kurds peace?

U.S.-led air strikes intensify as Syria conflict destabilizes Turkey

US-led air strikes intensify as Syria conflict destabilizes Turkey

U.S.- led air strikes intensify as Syria conflict destabilises Turkey

Battles rage to hold back Islamic State as Obama consults leaders

Lebanon pulled into war with Islamic State group

Syrian FM blames West for nation's suffering

Syrian rebels capture parts of army base in north

Syrian helicopters bomb border area near Turkey

Messi's girlfriend gives birth to baby boy

Deployment of Patriots to Turkey could take weeks

Syrian rebels launch major offensive in Aleppo

Russia welcomes any offer to give Assad refuge

3 Kurds killed in Paris political motive claimed

Blasts at Syrian university kill more than 80

French journalist killed in Syria

Russia: no plan for massive evacuation from Syria

Syrian forces escalate offensive in Homs

UN seeks major aid boost for Syrian 'catastrophe'

Analysis: U.S. strike would aim to punish Assad, not turn tide of war