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Syrian helicopters bomb border area near Turkey

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Syrians wage 'war of tunnels' for Damascus

Syrian troop shells kill 16 in Aleppo

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WH: No Evidence of Chemical Weapons in Syria

Syrian army takes strategic town of Deir Attiyeh

Obama promises to boost support for Syrian opposition

'Freed' Lebanese in Turkey awaiting Syria prisoner deal

Syrians discuss another year of war in divided Aleppo

Air raids on Syria's Aleppo kill 85 - monitor

Rebel fighting turns inward in Syria

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Syrian rebels in Aleppo reject Islamic State's caliphate

Nuns held by Syrian rebels arrive in Damascus

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Syrian rebels watch the World Cup in Aleppo

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Turkish military shoots down Syrian warplane

Syrian rebels resilient as fight goes on

Syria rebels free kidnapped nuns

Syria rebels blow up Aleppo hotel turned army base

Syrian rebel group says its leader has died

Syrian Rebels Make Strategic Moves

Syrian rebels push al Qaeda affiliate from Aleppo

Rockets fire in Syria

160 Syria rebels, troops killed since Friday near Damascus: NGO