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Forty-eight hour battle for two Syrian bases leaves 180 dead

Syrian rebel 'hell cannons' kill 300 civilians: monitoring group

Syrian rebel 'hell cannons' kill 300 civilians - monitoring group

Syrian al Qaeda-linked group makes inroads near major highway

Turkish FM visits Iran for talks on Syria crisis

Around 180 Syrian soldiers, jihadists reported killed in battle for base

Russia 'optimistic' on Syria peace talks early next year: Lavrov

Iran says backs Russian push for Syria talks in Moscow - TASS

Iran says backs Russian push for Syria talks in Moscow: TASS

Over 120,000 pro-Assad fighters killed in Syria conflict - monitoring group

EU pledges aid to help rebuild in Syria

Syrian wins Arab song contest, keeps clear of politics

Syrian wins Arab song contest, keeps clear of politics

Over 120,000 pro-Assad fighters killed in Syria conflict: monitoring group

Hamas' deputy chief says it has patched up ties with Iran

Mass grave found in eastern Syria

As war rages, Syrian women look to keep up appearances

Syrian family moves from war to new world: Uruguay

Nearly 200 dead as Syria bases lost to Qaeda: monitor

EU backs UN drive for Aleppo ceasefire

Hamas holds Gaza military parade, vows Israel's destruction

Exclusive: As easy targets thin, Syria air strikes by U.S. allies plunge

Syria detainees endure 'nightmare' underworld

Iraq Kurds, coalition jets in major push to retake Sinjar

UN still struggling to move aid into Syria

Syrian FM blames West for nation's suffering

Syrian rebels capture parts of army base in north

Deployment of Patriots to Turkey could take weeks

AP Interview: Envoy seeks unified voice on Syria

Clinton: Deep differences with Russia on Syria

Syrian rebels launch major offensive in Aleppo

Putin: Russia can work with Romney if elected

Russia welcomes any offer to give Assad refuge

Blasts at Syrian university kill more than 80

French journalist killed in Syria

Russia: no plan for massive evacuation from Syria

Syrian forces escalate offensive in Homs

UN seeks major aid boost for Syrian 'catastrophe'

Syria threatens retaliation for Israeli airstrike

Analysis: U.S. strike would aim to punish Assad, not turn tide of war

France says ready to punish those who gassed civilians

Tunisia leader urges Iran to push peace in Syria

AP Analysis: US-Russia Syria deal props up Assad

Syrian troops storm central village, killing 15

Iran's president reaches West before heading to UN

Oil rebounds slightly after falling to nearly $103

McCain slams Putin in opinion piece for Pravda

Putin: Syria chemical attack sly rebel provocation

Kerry: Syria 'Not a Game'