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Syrian opposition holds press conference

Syrian opposition leader calls for 'means to fight' Assad

Syrian opposition leader calls for weapons to fight Bashar

Syrian opposition leader visits rebels in Idlib

Obama promises to boost support for Syrian opposition

Syrian opposition seeks Arab League seat and Syrian embassies

Kerry meeting with Syrian opposition in London

US to continue support of Syrian opposition

Syrian opposition votes to take part in peace talks

UN Demands Released of Detained Peacekeepers

Obama seeks $500m to train, equip Syrian rebels

Syria says Turkey shoots down Syrian warplane

Syria opposition to join peace talks in bid to oust Assad

Radio station provides voice for Syrian opposition

UN-brokered Syria peace talks in deadlock

Syria's warring sides take step forward at Geneva 2 talks

Syria talks begin anew in Geneva

Streets of Aleppo

Kerry says Syria opposition joining talks would be 'big step'

Obama: Syrian opposition needs more support

Little consensus ahead of Syrian peace talks

Syrian opposition group aims to attend peace talks

Syrian delegations arrive to discuss transition

Syria opposition chief to visit Russia on Tuesday: aide

Key Syria opposition group refuses Geneva peace talks

Syrian opposition urges US Congress to vote 'yes'

U.N.'s Brahimi meets with Syrian opposition

Arab League to press Syria opposition over peace talks

Syrian opposition still eyes negotiated end to conflict

Syrian planes pound rebel town near Lebanon border

Syrian opposition meet over peace conference

'Obama to meet Syria opposition leader'

2,200 Syrian families flee to Lebanon in 5 days

Syrian opposition seeks Russian help in talks

Syrian minister strikes back at major powers