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Syria's refugees

Britain sends drones to fly surveillance missions over Syria

British Reaper drones to gather intelligence over Syria

US-led air strikes killed 553 fighters, 32 civilians in Syria - monitor

US slams IS with 25 new air strikes in Iraq, Syria

Australia to commit extra $15 million in aid

Syrian refugees struggle to settle in France

Kurds thwart new jihadist bid to cut off Syria town

Kurds watch Kobane battle on Turkish hilltop

Displaced Syrians facing cold and floods in camp

Israeli Bedouin killed fighting for IS in Syria: security

NATO: Alliance "worried" About IS Radicals

Woman stoned to death in Islamic State-controlled Syrian territory - amvid

Jordan's King Abdullah says world faces fight against extremism

Obama and Erdogan promise to intensify IS fight in Syria

Funeral for Kurd fighters killed in Kobani

IS jihadists execute man for 'filming HQ' in Syria

Syria says shoots down two of three 'IS warplanes'

Coalition airstrikes in Syria killed over 500

Syria air strikes kill 10 children, 5 women in Aleppo: monitor

Lebanon army attacks gunmen in historic Tripoli market

Canada shooter planned to go to Syria: police

Lebanon to ask UN to stop registering Syria refugees

Turkey allows 1300 Free Syria fighters to join battle for Kobane

EU targets ministers, UAE firm in latest Syria sanctions

Battered but hardened, Syria army adapts to guerrilla war

Turkey says Kurdish peshmerga fighters yet to cross to Syria

Syrian Kurds sign power-sharing deal to draw more support

US envoy indicates Britain may join Syria action

Syria's Kobani less at risk but could still fall - U.S. officials

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Battle for Kobani continues

Syria's Kobani less at risk but could still fall: U.S. officials

Lebanon says it won't accept more Syrian refugees

Fears jihadists slipped out under Mecca guise

Islamic State wins ground from Syrian government in east

Taking aim in Syria

For teen with passport, Syria trip can be seamless