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Patel to stand trial for GBH

Patel incompetent in operating: Qld court

Patel defends surgery on elderly patient

Patel performed 'wrong operation on the wrong patient'

Crown spells out case against Patel

Patel found not guilty of manslaughter

Prosecution alleges Patel misdiagnosed patient, court told

Patel back in court for review of charges

Jayant Patel takes stand in surgery trial

Patel surgery 'ensured cancer-free future'

Jurors in Patel retrial to be polled

Patel charges dropped

Patel to be sentenced for fraud

Patel leaves Australia for the US

Patel's lawyers to move to get charges dropped

Patel's operation unnecessary, court told

Patel correctly diagnosed patient: court

Patel lawyers win right to question jurors

Brisbane Patel jury adjourns again in 'stalemate'

Patel's surgery decision 'justified'

Patel jury retire to consider verdict

Morcombe accused's trial set for February

Beattie's comeback boosts ALP in Qld

Court agrees to extra jury scrutiny for Jayant Patel trial

Patel to face jury on manslaughter charge

Case against Patel 'embarrassing'

Patel's lawyers race to tie up loose ends

We won't give Patel a cent: Qld government

Jury selection underway in Patel trial

Patel jury retires to consider verdict

Patel trial enters final phase

Jury continues Patel manslaughter trial deliberations

Patel to face further trials: prosecutors

Patel's lawyers want to poll Qld jurors

Patient on most urgent list, Patel trial told

Patel failed to use reasonable care: court

Patel gave me no options: patient

Patel's surgery should have been last resort

Jayant Patel jury deliberations enter fourth day

Jury continues deliberations in Patel trial in Brisbane

Patel jury in stalemate over verdict

Trainee surgeon gives evidence in Jayant Patel trial

Patel faces trial on botched surgery claim

Case against Patel 'embarrassing': judge

Tenacious Gillard heads news in 2012

US surgeon gets suspended sentence in Australia

Jayant Patel to face disciplinary tribunal

Qld to try Patel on fresh charge

Patel insists his surgery was appropriate

Gastroenterologist testifies at Patel manslaughter trial

Court told Crown failed to prove Patel guilty

Patel acted well below standards: surgeon

Australian court clears US doctor of patient death

Qld to reveal how much Patel trial cost

Crown wraps up evidence in Patel trial

Patel matter adjourned until next month

US surgeon cleared of Australian death charges

Disappointed Patel patient wants new trial

Judge warns Patel jury about report

Judge begins summing up Jayant Patel trial to Brisbane jury

Patel defends surgery 'to prevent cancer'

Jury deliberates in case against Patel

Patel takes stand at Brisbane manslaughter trial

Patel formally charged with grievous bodily harm

Jayant Patel returns to US

Crown forced to overhaul Patel case

Foreign-trained doctor under investigation over botched operations