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A Supreme Court jury in Perth has convicted one man and found a woman not...

Babysitter not guilty of causing the death of a baby in her care

SA teacher not guilty of sex abuse

Tasmanian OA recipient cleared of underage sex charges

Trial views interview with woman accused of policeman's murder

Son not guilty of mother's murder

Cringle found guilty of bashing inmate

Duntroon cadet guilty of sexual assault

Man found not guilty of conspiracy in shooting case

Man tried to hide hit-and-run evidence, jury told

Daniel Morcombe murder: Judge orders jury to ignore note found at roadside...

Jury convicts man of toddler's murder

Podiatrist guilty of sexually assaulting patient

Jury continues Patel manslaughter trial deliberations

Jury retires in Clarke murder trial over two brothers accused of killing...

Vic baby murderer Hicks to appeal sentence

Manager found guilty of robbing own store

Jury rejects argument Jazzy O's death was a result of a sex act gone wrong

Jury considers verdict in heroin murder trial

Sydney man jailed for gay lover's death

Jail term for brutal hotel bashing

Dale jury retires to consider verdict

Jury retires in the sex-Skype case

Retrial for an elderly man over WA killing

Woman not guilty of manslaughter of baby who died in hot car

20 year jail sentence for murder

Jury in murder trial discharged and case adjourned

Patel jury retires to consider verdict

Cameron Tully trial: Jury retires after hearing final submissions on child...

Pair jailed over Gold Coast double murder

Dive shop owner not guilty of arson

Sentencing delayed for police murder pair

Clarke brothers likely to appeal against conviction of the murder of...

Frenchman's trial for Broome murder wrapping up

Gerard Baden-Clay launches appeal against murder conviction

Court told dead twins' mother had suffered abuse

Sturt Street Court to close from next month due to budget pressures

Drug addict jailed for assisting girlfriend's suicide

Labor to give juries a say in sentencing

Man faces SA retrial after hung jury

Jury discharged in robbery case

Man convicted of brutal murder but co-accused acquitted after jury...

Morcombe's alleged killer's wife to appear

Victorian woman found guilty of defensive homicide

Liam Jurrah not guilty of harming cousin

Patel to face jury on manslaughter charge

Retrial for alleged killer after jury deadlocked

Jury deliberates in case against Patel

Three found guilty of NT contract killing

Two WA men acquitted of insider trading

Patel's lawyers to move to get charges dropped

Tumut man sentenced to minimum of 14 years, 3 months for Wagga Wagga murder

Jury retires in dive shop arson case

Mansell guilty of missing businessman's murder

Rare jury poll likely in Patel retrial