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Arias sells art for money, profits from notoriety

Arias trial postponed until next week

Heated exchanges between Arias prosecutor, expert

Expert: Jodi Arias suffered from PTSD, memory loss

Prosecutor questions woman in Arizona murder case

Allegations of misconduct sidetrack Arias trial

Arias prosecutor scrutinized for intense approach

Jurors ask Jodi Arias about religion, memory

Arias grilled by jurors over lies, memory lapses

Defense begins making case in boyfriend slaying

Authorities: Man said he was headed to kill Grace

Arias fades from view as case veiled in secrecy

Arizona protesters hope to stop immigrant transfer

Jodi Arias seeks delay of penalty phase retrial

Paralyzed Olympic star Amy Van Dyken returns to Arizona home

Jurors in Arias Trial Dismissed Over Media Blitz

Homebuilders give freebies as once-booming US markets cool

Arias trial testimony resumes after weeklong break

Prosecution rests in Jodi Arias' sentencing retrial

Seahawks, Patriots book Super Bowl showdown

Jodi Arias saga comes to a close with life prison sentence

Killer Jodi Arias gets life term with no chance for release

Urban renewal? Big US cities showing strong growth

Just how crucial were experts for Arias defense?

Ariz. mom not giving up on Mexico, despite arrest

Arias Verdict Draws Crowds to Ariz. Court

Jurors start deliberating in Arias murder trial

Suburbs now playing a key role in gun legislation

Jury concludes Jodi Arias deliberations for day

In lurid Ariz case, woman describes victim as liar

Immigration activist joins US Rep. Sinema's staff

Judge delays start of Arias penalty-phase retrial

Display of gruesome photos opens Arias retrial

Potential jurors return to court in Arias retrial

Jury selection begins in Arias penalty retrial

Paralysed Olympic star Amy Van Dyken returns to Arizona home

Police: Arizona couple abused adopted daughters

Brooklyn offers urban cool to 2016 convention bid

USA to host Mexico in World Cup warm-up

Arizona jury to consider again death penalty for Jodi Arias in September

Documents: Arizona woman killed in home had head injury

Family racked with questions over Arizona woman's death

Defense rests case in Jodi Arias murder trial

Prosecutor paints Jodi Arias as manipulative liar

Prosecutor in Arias trial says victim was afraid

Solar Plane: Making clean tech sexy, adventurous

Arias victim's family makes dramatic statement

Prosecutor calls Jodi Arias a manipulative liar

Judge ponders September trial date for Arias

Key details in the penalty retrial of Jodi Arias

Attorneys work to pick jury in Jodi Arias retrial

Media seeks camera coverage of Arias retrial

Arias to represent herself at death penalty trial

Storm brings snow, cold to West for New Year's

Ex-convict arrested in Phoenix-area shootings that killed 1

Prosecutor raises voice at Arias in Arizona trial

Arias weeps as testimony turns to killing of lover

Few states find narrow route to gun control laws

Police: Phoenix area man killed wife over HIV fear

NHL returns with most teams on ice for 1st skate

Heavy Flooding in Arizona Neighborhood

Record Arizona swamp cars, lead to two deaths

Many seek new homes near cities but are priced out

Jurors given conflicting views of Jodi Arias

Waylon Jennings' items up for auction in Phoenix

Life or death? Arias set for sentencing retrial

Colts down Broncos to advance in NFL playoffs

Key facts and questions about the Jodi Arias murder case

Key facts about Jodi Arias murder case

Ex-convict pleads not guilty to deadly Phoenix-area rampage

Ariz. woman charged in lover's slaying testifies

Arias seeks death penalty stay, court rejects

Jodi Arias attempts to explain away her lies

Arias spectacle grows as trial seat sold for $200

Correction: Ammunition Frenzy story

Airline merger could squeeze some hub airports