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New student accomodation project nearing completion

Mexico says 14 of 57 missing students found

Hong Kong students march on financial district

HKG students escalate anti-Beijing, pro-democracy strike

Research says online NAPLAN tests feasible

One student shot second in custody at NC high school

Future NAPLAN tests could go online and be tailored to students' skills,...

Longreach School of Distance Education students come together to rehearse...

Teachers shut down 2 suburban Denver high schools

Suburban Denver student education protest grows

Hundreds of Hong Kong high school students skip class for democracy rally

Mexico seeks 57 missing after weekend violence

School students join Hong Kong democracy protests

Hong Kong students march on financial district

Rap and rhyme lures students away from smartphones and back to writing in...

Ex-student behind lockdown wanted reference letter

HK students scuffle with police in chaotic protest

Astronaut to inspire Adelaide science students as SA aims for...

Pro-democracy group ready to launch sit-in in Hong Kong

As families flee coal country, schools struggle

Virginia kidnapping suspect arrested in Texas

Police explore forensic link in Virginia case

Suspect in missing Virginia student linked to a 2009 case: TV

Chaos in Hong Kong as police and students clash

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Narrogin Agriculture College students get an insight into Tasmanian...

Country Education Foundation worried about fall-out from tertiary...

Local media: Suspect in missing Virginia student case linked to 2009 case

Hong Kong clashes, arrests kick-start plans to blockade city

Parents, students upset at dress-code enforcement

Mexico probes disappearance of 57 students

Education official says students used as 'pawns'

Harry Potter-inspired book Benson, Bella and the Evil Pumpkins wins award...

Hong Kong student activists rally ahead of threatened blockade

Hong Kong students storm government HQ in challenge to Beijing

California governor signs 'yes means yes' college sexual assault bill

Three Seattle schools sealed off as man opens fire, attempts kidnap

Stampede kills 6 primary schoolchildren in China

White House: U.S. supports "aspirations of the Hong Kong people"

Teens who crossed US border alone enter schools

Zimbabwe students protest doctorate for president's wife

Occupy Hong Kong protest starts early after police clashes

Hong Kong students take democracy fight to home of city's leader

Schools got early warnings about abusive teacher

Man armed with knife allegedly yells abuse Al-Faisal College students

Hong Kong students take democracy fight to home of city's leader

Hong Kong students take democracy protest to leader's home

Denver area students walk out of school in protest

Islamabad schools shuttered as protests roll on