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Israeli air strike near area where Hamas leaders were killed

Israel air strike kills two in Gaza after Egypt calls talks

Rafah border crossing in Gaza Strip hit by Israeli air strike

Israel strike kills Gaza family as Egypt readies new talks

Hyundai workers may strike for four-hours over wages

Three top Hamas leaders killed in Gaza strikes

US backs off statement that Egypt, UAE behind Libya air strikes

Israeli raid kills mother, 3 children in north Gaza: medics

Hamas says three top Gaza commanders killed in Israeli air strike

Israel continues to pound Gaza as conflict enters 50th day

Israeli air strikes demolish Gaza high-rises

Killing Hamas leaders will have "no effect on the resistance"

Labor protest disrupts Argentine capital

Jordan students stay home as teachers strike

S.Arican minister in court for Marikana killings

US strikes targets in northern Iraq near Arbil, Mosul dam

Three Moscow McDonald's closed on government orders

Pre-dawn Israeli air strikes kill two, light up night sky

US ready to 'take action' in Syria if Americans threatened

RSPCA calls for more farmer commitment for mulesing alternatives

Florida police dog killed by lightning strike


Workers strike at Collie power plant in Western Australia's South West

South Korea ferry victim's father ends 45-day hunger strike

Indian hunger striking activist re-arrested - police

Israel destroys 13-storey building in Gaza air strike

Hunger-striking father of South Korean ferry victim hospitalised

Panicked Gazans bundle into ambulances after massive Israeli air strike

Israeli strikes kill 10 in Gaza as Egypt readies talks

S.African minister accused of ordering Marikana massacre

Obama again faces Congress question on Syria

U.S. Navy releases video it says shows aircraft taking off for Iraq

Labor wants briefing on Iraq involvement

'Just a few strikes': Iraq militia wants help from old US foe

Israeli airstrike kills five in Gaza, destroys mosque

Libya air strikes show UAE willing to 'go it alone'

Indian police rearrest hunger striker

Libya neighbours back Egypt call to disarm militias