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Celebrating fall of Berlin wall, US warns of new Europe tensions

U.S. John Kerry meets new Indonesian President Joko Widodo

John Kerry: 'Irresponsible' not to aid Kurds against IS

Kerry acknowledges Turkish concerns over peshmerga

'Imperative' to resume Israel-Palestinian talks: Kerry

Kerry says "no quid pro quo" in Jeffrey Fowle's release

Former US president candidate Hart to be representative for Northern...

Kerry: US Congress important to Iran negotiations

Kerry calls for "all hands on deck" in Ebola fight

Tony Abbott and John Kerry hold talks in Jakarta

Kerry says status quo between Israel, Palestinians 'unsustainable'

Kerry to attend Indonesia president's inauguration

Kerry's plane grounded ... again

Kerry urges Asia to boost anti-Islamic State push

US, China vow to manage rifts ahead of Obama visit

Kerry seeks Asia's help in anti-Islamic State push

Kerry acknowledges Cuba role in Ebola fight

Kerry in Indonesia seeking Asian support against Islamic state

Kerry: Ebola presents 'test of global citizenship'

'Kerry Air' grounded again, this time in Vienna

PLO wants to link ending Islamic extremism, Israeli conflict

'Irresponsible' not to aid Kurds in Kobane against IS: Kerry

Uganda 'gay' trial dimissed due to lack of evidence

Jokowi takes over Indonesian presidency

Castro: Cuba would cooperate with US against Ebola

Ex-US senator Gary Hart to be envoy to N.Ireland peace talks

Kerry seeks to warm summit mood with dinner for China's top diplomat

John Kerry in Southeast Asia seeking support against IS

At Berlin Wall, Kerry warns of new East-West tensions

China says it's hard to resume cyber security talks with U.S.

East African leaders in South Sudan to push for peace

Kerry says Kurd aid isn't policy shift as Turkey eases curbs

Warring South Sudan rivals meet in Tanzania

US hails chance to cooperate with Cuba on Ebola

U.S. and China look to manage differences, cooperate against threats

Fowle back in Ohio, 'in good health' after North Korean detention

US welcomes Turkish move to let Iraqi Kurds into Syria

US, Canada air defenses on alert after Ottawa shooting

Trial of prominent Bahraini activist starts in Manama

Ukraine, US leaders speak before Putin talks

Germany blames pro-Russian rebels for MH17 passenger plane crash: Spiegel

Head of Cuba's Ebola effort expects more aid soon

Iran, US say some headway made in 'difficult' nuclear talks

Iran, U.S. say some headway made in 'difficult' nuclear talks

Marine suspect transferred to Philippine detention

Turkey to let Iraqi Kurds reinforce Kobani as U.S. drops arms to defenders

Iran opposes extending troubled nuclear talks

Iraq fills top security posts as violence rages

Indonesian president to take office facing huge challenges

Aquino rejects call to annul U.S.-Philippines forces agreement over murder...

Cuban response to Ebola outbreak helps thaw relations with US

Reform-minded outsider Widodo takes over as Indonesia's president

Cuba sends 91 more doctors to fight Ebola

Indonesian president gets rock star welcome at inauguration

Kennedy name carries weight in Connecticut race

Kobani key to US strategy against Islamic State

Fowle back at Ohio home after half-year detention in North Korea