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Nativity scene unveiled in Vatican's St Peter's Square

Pope Francis officially begins his ministry at installation Mass in St....

At the Vatican

Pope's audience

St Peter's colonnade unveiled after five-year restoration

People crowd into St Peter's Square for papal canonisation

At the Vatican

Vatican hug


Vatican Crowds Watch for White Smoke

Feminist goes topless in Vatican abortion protest

Fireworks over the Castel Sant'Angelo for Rome's patrons

Pope Francis meets loved-up couples for Valentine's Day

Smiling Pope Francis immortalised in Rome wax museum

Floral carpets depict Pope Francis in Vatican

Vatican Christmas tree lit in St. Peter's Square

Pope Francis: "Let us pray for our mothers"

Pro-animal groups appeal to pope after dove attack

Pope Francis calls for "peace and concord" in Middle East

Pope invites friend for spin in St. Peter's Square

Murray's funeral to be held on Monday

Pope 'Deeply Saddened' by Senseless Attack

Palm branches wave in St. Peter's Square

Pope Greets Masses for Last Time Before Retiring

Pope Presides Over Mass at St. Peter's Basillica

Pope makes longtime aide a bishop in St. Peter's

Pope confesses his sins in St Peter's Basilica

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Venezuelan opposition leader meets pope at Vatican

Public exhibit of St. Peter relics revives debate

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Pope Francis celebrates New Year Mass

Pope 'deeply saddened' by senseless attack in US

St Peter's colonnade unveiled after 5-year restoration

Pope attends 300,000-strong rally for Catholic schools

Pope leads long Vatican Mass after health setbacks

Pope asks for reflection over past year

Pope gives priest unexpected joyride

Thousands celebrate Family Day with Pope Francis

Topless Vatican Protesters: 'In Gay We Trust'

Pope gives a lift to two kids in Saint Peter's Square

Pope convinced of peace in 2013 despite world woes

Pope visits St. Peter's tomb under Vatican

Pope Francis: 'our hearts cry' for Lampedusa victims

Pope Francis conducts Easter Vigil at the Vatican

Pope Francis visits John Paul II's tomb

Thousands of pilgrims attend Pope mass

Joyful pilgrims pour into Rome for saint ceremony

Feminist goes topless in Vatican abortion protest

Bibles to be handed out on St Peter's Square

Vatican lights up 'international' Christmas tree

Pope asks for prayer, aid for typhoon victims

Francis meets Benedict XVI on first Christmas as pope

Pope asks other faiths to join day of prayer for peace in Syria

Social prayers at Pope Francis ceremony for Good Friday

Pope prays for Christians persecuted for faith

Pope to nuns: Don't be old maids

'Unparalleled' nurse Roz Norman farewelled in Tamworth

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Birds attack peace doves freed from pope's window

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Pope to install 1st batch of new cardinals Feb. 22

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Italian man ends protest on dome of St Peter's Basilica

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