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Australia to continue whaling flights

Japanese kill minke whales in Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary - Sea...

ABC News Video - Updated 10 times daily

ABC News Video - Updated 10 times daily

Sea Shepherd shuts down Japan's whale hunt

Government defends its actions against illegal fishing

Sea Shepherd vessel collides with Japanese whaling boat

Sea Shepherd 'rammed' by Japanese ship

Japan whale ship 'rams' Sea Shepherd boat

Anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd prepares to intercept Japanese whalers

Moves to further protect Antarctica

Sea Shepherd finds Japanese whalers

Whalers attack Sea Shepherd ship

Japan 'expects to resume whaling'

Sea Shepherd pursues Japanese whalers

Sea Shepherd campaigners return after anti-whaling mission

Malaysian PM says "with deep sadness" flight MH370 ended in Indian Ocean

Bob Brown to lead anti-whaling fight

Sea Shepherd says it has driven Japanese whalers from Southern Ocean...

Japan says no decision on 2015-16 whaling

Sea Shepherd sets out to confront Japan whalers on high-seas

Jet Search Expands North, South With Few Clues

Aust expects Japan to accept ICJ rule

Sea Shepherd ship heads south as Greens question Coalition pledge to...

Climate change increasing wave height

Ozone hole linked to ocean circulation

Elephant seal back in the ocean

Australia to honour promise on monitoring whalers

Whaling exhibit captures changing times

Attorney-General wants Japanese whaling outlawed before next hunting season

Aust can work with Japan on whale research

Aust govt plane spotted in whaling zone

'Gobal hub' for Antarctic research opens in Hobart

Antarctic Treaty signatories make marine protection progress

Bob Brown to lead anti-whaling fight

Sea Shepherd intercepts Japanese whaling fleet

Australia condemns Japan whaling boat

Chinese ship finds 'pulse signal', no confirmation MH370

Thai agency claims satellite finds 300 floating objects in jet search

Missing plane declared "lost with no survivors"

Skippers set off on Vendee Globe solo yacht race

Govt failed to act on whaling: coalition

Japan kills 30 whales in first post-ICJ hunt

Japanese whaling fleet preparing to leave Japan: Sea Shepherd

Australia Antarctic mission focuses on penguin poo, warming

Sea Shepherd crew back on dry land

No navy ship to oversee whalers: Smith

Search shifts in missing plane investigation

Australian search plane spots two objects in Indian Ocean

Rescued sailor heads to dry land

British Royal Navy aids in search for misssing airliner MH370

Sea Shepherd claims Japanese fleet closing in on whale sanctuary

ICJ to rule on Australia's case against Japanese whaling

French yachtsman rescued in Southern Ocean

End of an era as research ship Southern Surveyor docks for final time

Sea Shepherd reports Southern Ocean collision with Japanese whaling ship

MH370 relatives reject satellite evidence

Malaysia Airlines: care, support given to families

Sam Simon to set sail

Japan opens world court defense of whaling

Sea Shepherd boss ready for arrest attempt

Southern Ocean winds strongest in 1,000 years: study

Send customs ship to stop whaling: Greens

Kangaroo Island park given extra land

Japan's prime minister Shinzo Abe touches down in Canberra

Tracker reveals whaling vessel turn-around

Shorten welcomes whaling ban

Toothfish numbers declared sustainable

Search for Malaysian jet resumes off Australia after weather improves