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Amputee Olympic star Pistorius charged in slaying

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Joyous black S. Africans, fearful white Afrikaners

US Congress renews undetectable gun ban for decade

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Cleared of murder, Pistorius faces homicide verdict

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Pistorius applied for licenses for 6 more guns

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Gun comments split family of Oscar Pistorius

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Police storm protest camps 278 dead across Egypt

In gun debate, two sides speak different languages

Man found guilty in S. Africa honeymoon slaying

Pistorius faces sentencing over girlfriend's death after divisive trial

Cleared of murder, Pistorius faces homicide verdict

Judgement day for 'Blade Runner' Pistorius

Pistorius trial to resume after brutal cross-examination

'Everything is fine', Pistorius told guard after shooting girlfriend

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Murder trial of Pistorius to start in South Africa

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South African carjackers favor downtown spot

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Pistorius bought, collected guns in Olympic year

Mandela grandson accused of pointing gun at a driver

Pistorius prosecutors to add 2 firearm charges

Pistorius to face additional gun charges at murder trial

Pistorius verdict hangs on 'possible improbabilities'

Pistorius in compensation talks with slain girlfriend's family

'Everything is fine', Pistorius told guard after shooting Steenkamp

Prosecutor says Pistorius is an egotist

Prosecution pillories forensic expert in Pistorius case

Judgement day for 'Blade Runner' Pistorius

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Pistorius guilty of culpable homicide of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp

Pistorius trial to begin amid blaze of publicity

South Africa police snare rhino poaching gang

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Top ANC man shot in South Africa robbery

Psychologist says Pistorius is 'broken man'

Kenya: UK soldier killing suspect arrested in 2010

St. Louis gunman was Somali immigrant

Pistorius to be indicted, trial in early 2014

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Witnesses to tell of Pistorius' character at trial

Accused Ga. gunman charged in '01 mosque shooting

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Most of Pistorius trial can be televised, judge rules

Congress renews undetectable gun ban just in time

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Pistorius knew South African gun safety rules, court told