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New Zealand to ban shark finning

Maryland House approves shark fin ban

Philippines' largest airline joins shark fin ban

Shark aquarium opens in Hong Kong

State makes large shark fin bust in SF

Philippine Airlines quits flying shark fins amid outcry

Singapore casino stops serving shark fin

EU takes major step to protect sharks

Shark species disappeared from Kiribati reefs

HK traders use roof to dry thousands of shark fins

Large shark bites diver's fin off WA

US moves to protect scalloped hammerhead sharks

Conference in Fiji prepares to introduce new shark protection laws

Shark found with fins cut off at WA beach

China's Yao Ming says faced shark fin resistance

Dolphin killings rise in Peru due to Asia shark fin sales

WA government funds four shark projects

Conservationists uncover whale shark 'slaughterhouse' in China

Green off the hook over shark catch

China bans shark fin soup from official receptions

Conservation body votes to regulate shark trade

Shark tourism will be worth more than shark soup

UN: Sharks risk extinction

Shark numbers show marine reserves helping

Fisheries to size up Danny Green's shark

Whale snared in shark nets off Qld

Manly protesters want shark cull scrapped

Overfishing of sharks trashing coral reefs

Shark shields better than drum lines: ALP

British Virgin Islands setting up shark sanctuary

Great white shark moves back to northeast

Hundreds of whale sharks killed annually in illegal trade in China

Drop in shark fin prices lures people smugglers

Shark victim known to rescuers

Atlantic tuna quotas unchanged for 2014

Fishing nations maintain tuna quotas

Yao talks animal rights at zoo visit

Shark attacks 'changing the nature of Australian surfing'

Rejected! Yao Ming says no to wildlife trafficking

Shark sightings off US state a boon for tourism

Big Shark, Could Be Record, Caught Off Calif.

Curious public tracks great white shark off US coast

Ancient mini-sharks lived longer than thought

Expert: Great White Shark Is 'Blowing Our Minds'

25 years of sea life for Sydney Aquarium

Experts: Killer shark was probably great white

Wildlife meeting gives 100s of species protection

Huge Perth rally against shark policy

Branson lashes WA shark cullsaying it will drive tourists away

Whale caught in shark net off Qld's Gold Coast

Whale freed from shark net off Noosa off Sunshine Coast

German woman who lost arm to shark in Maui dies

Anti-waste call sobers up China luxury food market

Crew tows whale carcass in Malibu out to sea

Threatened A-listers of the animal world

A look at how meeting could affect world's species

Lavish funerals go up in smoke as China orders frugality

Australian reef recovers from bleaching

Parkinson zeroes in at Teahupo'o surf

Shark attack victim's husband honours her with swim

EU blacklists 3 nations over illegal fishing

London wildlife summit moves to choke off illegal markets

London wildlife summit moves to choke off illegal markets

Fugitive eco activist lands in US, vows to pursue fight

Dark side of the mooncakes: China's war of graft hits high-end pastries

China pillages Africa like old colonialists says Jane Goodall

China vice police minister investigated: Communist Party

Lexus launches face-lifted CT 200h in China