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U.S. says North Korea scrubs trip aimed at securing American's release

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U.N. Security Council to meet Thursday on North Korea missile launch

UN Security Council condemns N. Korea missile launch

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North Korea 'will not rule out' a new nuclear test

South Korea, Japan hold talks on mending ties

Obama to host landmark Japan, S.Korea summit

Obama brings US allies South Korea and Japan together for talks

In breakthrough, S. Korea, Japan to hold summit with US

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Cyber spying, maritime disputes loom large in US-China talks

Japan lifts some N.Korea sanctions amid report of surviving abductees

Xi's visit to Seoul 'important milestone,' says US

China's Xi highlights Japan militarist past in Seoul

Japan lifts some North Korea sanctions amid report of surviving abductees

North Korea fires two short-range rockets off coast

Japan's 'Patriotic Wives' - praise for Abe, censure for China, South Korea

Japan's 'Patriotic Wives': praise for Abe, censure for China, South Korea

Isolated North Korea a visitor draw, but sometimes literally a tourist trap

U.S. stresses commitment to defend Japan in Washington talks

North Korea test-fires short-range missiles

President says ferry crew's actions 'tantamount to murder'

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