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Five things to watch in this year's Senate races

5 things to watch in this fall's Senate races

Democrats keep Obama at distance ahead of mid-term elections

Palmer to back SA Premier over federal budget cuts

Surly 2014 electorate poised to 'keep the bums in'

Surly 2014 electorate poised to incumbents in

Florida, Arizona pick nominees for governor

Crist wins Florida Democratic primary for governor

Pryor invokes Ebola outbreak in new TV attack ad

Dennis Jensen joins WA Liberals in calling for GST overhaul

Crist makes Florida comeback bid as four states vote

Obama faces a tough sell in Congress for Islamic State strategy

Obama seeks to do no harm to Democrats in midterms

North Carolina senator braces for Obama visit to her state

2016ers jockey even before congressional elections

Immigration emerging as leading US election issue

In town halls, US lawmakers hear voter anger over illegal migrants

In town halls, U.S. lawmakers hear voter anger over illegal migrants

All eyes -- hopeful and accusatory -- on Obama over immigration

Obamacare's latest threat nears turning point in court battle

Farm worker faces No. Two Republican for House seat

Govt welcomes Slipper court decision

On foreign policy, Kerry is Obama's good soldier

10 Things to Know for Tuesday

Mikulski becoming 1st woman to head Appropriations

Italy's Monti: I'm heading new electoral coalition

Bears, budgets, farmers top Congress to-do list

Outgoing Sen. Brown urges 'larger tent' for GOP

Wisconsin Prepares for Record-setting Election

GOP opposition to diplomat Rice begins to crack

Rep. Jackson Jr. resigns, citing mental health

Aide: Rep. Jackson home after depression treatment

Celebs and pols: When the star alliance misfires

Column: Shutting down Strasburg is curious plan

Republicans poised for gains in governor's races

New England shapes up as Dem firewall for Senate

GOP candidates in close races disavow rape remark

Ex-Rep. Frank on Senate seat: Put me in, governor

Illinois dragging its feet on huge pension problem

Yet another Senate race on the horizon in Mass.

Obama Chooses Trusted Adviser As Chief of Staff

Henderson backs Peris for Senate

Katter takes a blow as candidates dumped

Soul-searching in focus as GOP gathers in NC

Reince Priebus re-elected GOP national chairman

Palmer on track for parliament seat

Minor party leaders call for overhaul of 'corrupt' Senate preferencing...

Greens preference Palmer party in Tasmania

Abbott accepts Lib candidate apology

Congress honors civil rights era bombing victims

Lost votes a blow to Mirabella hopes

Polling booths close shortly in South Australian electorates

Voters swing away from Greens, despite Adam Bandt's re-election

Palmer party like the Storm: Lazarus

Barnaby Joyce confirmed as new Agriculture Minister

Joyce's views won't be a problem: NFF