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Man indicted in US for drug deal elected senator in Nigeria

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New Hampshire Republican voters are relishing crowded field

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House uses Tax Day to pass bills to 'rein in IRS abuse'

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FACT CHECK: Rubio rhetoric breaks with past, but ideas don't

Christie tries to turn things around in New Hampshire

Republican hopefuls bicker over America's role in world

Schock donor sues ex-US congressman seeking reimbursement

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Obama tells Congress he plans to remove Cuba from terrorism list

Bracks right man for US job: Gillard

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Union earmarks $1m for Greens support

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Debate over social issues emerges

Ex-AFL star ready to represent Nationals

Katter drums up interest in WA seats

Obama's political group raises modest $4.8 million

Trial opens for aides of NYC mayoral hopeful

Ex-Gov Mark Sanford Elected to Congress

The IRS and its tea party tempest

Welfare earnings change is a bandaid: mum

Giffords meets with senators on gun buyer checks

Some Nats back me in New England: Windsor

Markey, Gomez win Mass. US Senate primaries

Local setbacks vex GOP governors eyeing 2016 race

Ex-Katter man joins Family First campaign

Sources: Booker, Pallone in US Senate race in NJ

'The perfect poison': Ricin used in 3 recent cases

Obama nominates 3 to appeals court, testing GOP

Venezuela frees US filmmaker jailed as alleged spy

GOP replacement for NJ's Lautenberg not assured

Former sport stars to run for Senate

Obama eyes higher profile role on immigration

Sweepstakes donors' checks may have been bundled

Pirate Party has electoral breakthrough in Iceland

Mass. GOP candidate Gomez on his own for now

Ex-SC Gov. Sanford back in political office

NRA official: 'Culture war' more than gun rights

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Napolitano re-elected Italy's president

Country singer Blundell runs for senate

Feeney to run for Batman seat

Lawyer says convicted lobbyist won't go to jail

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WikiLeaks to run candidates in 3 states

Work keeps confined Assange sane: dad

Treasurer stands aside for LNP preselection

NY gov wants new anti-corruption enforcement unit

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