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Chinese patriotism fuels cruises to disputed isles

Russia holds military drills in Arctic Laptev Sea

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Police end Cyprus migrant stand-off

Philippines, US launch joint exercises near China-claimed waters

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345 rescued people refuse to leave Cypriot ship

Pope urges Europe to open doors to refugees

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Thai tourism minister wants wristbands for tourists, party curfews

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Great Barrier Reef survival key to indigenous identity

Japan pins Asian Games medals on runners

Protected areas offer glimmers of hope for wildlife

Record number of migrant deaths at sea, in deserts this year: IOM

Far from paparazzi, Bardot marks 80th birthday in private

Record 3072 migrants killed crossing Mediterranean in 2014

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US superstorm threat launches mass evacuations

Venezuela searches for lost plane with Missoni CEO

Seized Argentine navy ship arrives back home

Inspections planned for drill rig pulled off rocks

NY storm commission urges flood walls for subways

More money, time needed to remove Concordia wreck

Coast Guardsman in custody after disappearance

China announces naval exercise amid Japan tensions

Analysis: U.S. strike would aim to punish Assad, not turn tide of war

Philippines braces for typhoon

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Mother of Washington gunman apologizes, says 'my heart is broken'

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British admiral who led Falklands fleet dies