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To the sea

Sea Shepherd ship back after anti-whaling campaign

Antarctic sea ice is expanding: study

New hope for fisheries development in the Pacific

North Korea fires two missiles into sea: Seoul military

US warship crosses Bosphorus towards Black Sea

Thousands of sea turtles lay their eggs on Mexico beach

Philippines delivers food to troops after China 'blockade'

Mysterious sea star disease growing in US

Rescued sea lions swim to freedom

Whalers attack Sea Shepherd ship

Starving Sea Lion Pups Fill Calif. Rescue Center

Google Launches Dead Sea Scrolls Online Library

Flowers laid at sea in memory of Italy shipwreck dead

Deep-sea fishing

UK PM visits North Sea rig as Scotland poll debate heats up

Small Uruguayan island hosts fur seal, sea lion colonies

China premier calls for 'peace' in South China Sea

NATO ships deployed to the Black Sea

US senators: China sea actions 'deeply troubling'

Sea Shepherd vessel collides with Japanese ship

'North Korea test-fires 30 short-range missiles into sea' - news agency

Japan whale ship 'rams' Sea Shepherd boat

Sam Simon to set sail

Sea cucumber overfishing could hurt reef

Mass sea star deaths puzzle scientists

Elder pioneered native title rights sea change

Search in NSW for missing man resumes

Sea Shepherd campaigners return after anti-whaling mission

Philippine police find 120 captured sea turtles in swamp

Cyclone Tim looms off far north Qld

Israel, Jordan, Palestinians to sign Red Sea-Dead Sea deal

Head of Russian Black sea fleet visits Ukrainian navy base in Crimea

Australia's South Sea Islander community launches campaign for united...

Sea Shepherd 'rammed' by Japanese ship

Sea Shepherd's Bob Barker gets honorary home port status in Hobart

Shark found at door of 'Sea Dog' pub on Nantucket

Under the sea

Sea gull perches on Sistine Chapel smoke stack

Cyclone Sandra forms off Qld coast

Hundreds rescued from capsized South Korean ferry

Deep-sea fishing