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Defense testimony starts in corruption trial of Virginia ex-governor, wife

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Another Ebola problem: Finding its natural source

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Petraeus affair and the role of biographers

Venezuela VP hopes Chavez can be sworn in Jan. 10

Correction: Egypt-Encroaching on Antiquities story

Obama calls for research on media in gun violence

Russia drops piracy claims vs Greenpeace activists

Firm to seek green light for malaria vaccine

TV crab boat captain warns of shortage on Japan market

In Mexico, yoga soothes teen criminals

Human ancestor was less-chimp-like than thought

Green groups concerned over Ghana whale deaths mystery

Public exhibit of St. Peter relics revives debate

Momentum gains to unite ancient Cambodian statues

AGING AMERICA: Live to 120? Most say no thanks

Court to allow girls to buy morning-after for now

Zimmerman judge: No testimony on 911 call screams

Cane industry boosts fight against mystery disease

Suspect's remains exhumed in Boston Strangler case

Wind farms get pass on eagle deaths

Neanderthal bone highlights human inter-breeding

Suspect in Canada terror plot denies charges

Europeans had common ancestors 1,000 years ago

A new case in China adds unknowns to bird flu

Gas, attacks and media dominate parliament

Your Chances of Dying by 2023? Test Offers Clue

US stocks rally on Fed minutes, earnings news

Quest for oil threatens Africa's oldest wildlife reserve

Scientists expect traces of ocean radiation soon

Identical twins offer up selves for space science

Life-size robotic dinosaurs unveiled at the West Australian Museum

US service firms grow at fastest pace since August

Don't feel sheepish in front of peers

Myanmar welcomes ancient cities entry on World Heritage list

Maules Creek coal mine plan to offset land clearing in Leard State Forest...

Iraq's PM-designate faces challenges ahead

After decades of disappointment, Berlin's economy looks up

Greek gold mine savior to some, curse to others

Experts: Man, nature share typhoon tragedy blame

Space station crew back on Earth with Olympic torch

Fishers 'ambushed' at port expansion meeting

Trials of skin cancer drug DZ13 suspended pending investigation at UNSW

NASA Mars rover Curiosity begins delayed road trip

Study finds weight gain in first month of life linked to higher IQ

Chinese flyby of asteroid shows space rock is "rubble"

Be on alert for World Cup dengue risk: expert

EPA methane report further divides fracking camps

BracketRacket: Steve Kerr, Superman and Wheatlanta

US futures follow world markets lower gold drops

Doc fights charge that aborted babies born alive

Feds: Morning-after pill appeal officially on hold

Fewer bees in US a threat to world's almond supply

NY town of 9/11 workers wages gas pipeline fight

New food book gives readers a lot to digest