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School in Slavyansk

Texas judge rules state's school finance system unconstitutional

Back-to-school in Ukraine marred by war

Beslan school siege ten years later

Nigeria delays start of school year over Ebola virus

Kindergartener brings loaded gun to school

Man kills three in China school rampage

Macintyre HS to send students to ANZAC Centenary

California school retires divisive Arab mascot

Frank Lloyd Wright school's future divides leaders

Cadet parade

Clarification: Cooper Union story

Young entrepreneurs get $100,000, if they quit school

Principals could check students' criminal histories under new law

Catholic teachers in Canberra refuse to rule out further industrial action

SA, ACT reject federal offer to fund $250m school chaplaincy program

Four more cleaners on trial in Indonesia school abuse case

Israeli children return to school after Gaza war

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The wounds of Beslan

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Revised chaplaincy funding plan panned

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Over 2 million Israeli kids back to school after tense summer

4 Indonesians in rape case retract confessions

Rape trial starts for Indonesia school janitor

With rebels at the door, Ukrainian children start school

Japan baseball game lasts 4 days and 50 innings

Los Angeles schools official suspends iPad rollout

High school increases students' confidence with innovative learning

Dogs get blues when youngsters go back to school

Reimagining the mall as we know it

Celebrities join public TV anti-dropout effort

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50-state look at how Common Core playing out in US

Big increases in Emergency Services Levy unavoidable, SA Government claims

Disability employment services giving kids a chance

Shaw tells USC he lied about injuries, rescue

Mom won't be charged in school confrontation

High school buddies followed similar path to jihad

University bets $10 million on poor city's kids

Call for more focus on education to ease youth jobless rate

Gabon education minister resigns over exam row

Poll: Parents uncomfortable with youth football

Colorado city puts off anti-pot 'lab rat' campaign