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Crews fight blaze threatening Carnarvon plantations

Sydney school bus collides with car

Police question man, 65, over Aboriginal community death

Motorbike rider dies in accident at Harrisdale

Thieves hold up petrol station

Arsonists blamed for three fires lit in suburban areas overnight

Lonely Planet names Kimberley a must-see location

Bushfire in WA's southwest contained

Crews fight blazes near homes and plantations

A challenging ride on the Gibb River Road as rain fell

DPP appeals against decision to quash Bradley Chaplin's fatal negligent...

Drink walking a fatal mistake on Territory roads

Young champ takes out Kimberley barra competition

Fire threat eases in Victoria Valley

Qld police not giving up search for missing Rockhampton housemates

Condamine River set to peak

A 29-year-old man has been seriously assaulted in Margaret River

Two bus crashes in Nepal kill 14 Nepalese, Indians

Top End communities on flood watch

Man admits to running car into Qld river

Motorcyclist dies in Alice Springs crash

Four people injured in South West crash

Landslip closes the Western Explorer road in the north west

Qld Government considers cut price cross-river rail

Mississippi River Flooding Likely to Slow Down

Torrens stays shut but boats still boarding

Schoolgirl tells court driver 'freaking out' after sister killed

Up to 9,000 people threatened by Mozambique flooding

River peaks at Queanbeyan overnight

Grass fire smoke shuts Port River Expressway

Melbourne taxi drivers on notice after racking up $22m in unpaid road fines

Clippers win in Rivers' emotional return to Boston

Cane toads 'rafting' their way through river systems after big rains

Second flood of the year for Qld town

Crews step up north-east fight

NT cyclone won't reform, floods continue

Police search Yarra River for clues into underworld murders

Storms boost river levels some near flood stage

Discovery of body in river bed 'suspicious'

Tapped man rescued from floodwaters

Asbestos at Telstra site

South Road upgrades: Budget time the key for more detail

Chemical spill into Mont. river spurs water watch

Experts still assessing Hervey Bay landslip damage

Concerns new Carnarvon flood levee benefits won't flow to all

Midwestern river cities brace for floodwaters

Torrens closes as algal bloom spreads

Western Sydney could experience flooding

Midwest awaits retreat of floods, bloated rivers