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'Chilean Schindler's List' saved leftists from regime

Rebel-held district of Syrian capital under heavy fire

US rules out coordination with Syria as it spies on jihadists

Shiites protest Bahrain's 'naturalisation' of foreigners

Syria army kills 32 rebels in Daraa ambush: NGO

Algeria president dismisses Islamist-leaning ex-premier

US probes possible 2nd American jihadist killed in Syria

US faces intelligence challenge in Syria

Iran says it downed Israeli drone over nuclear site

US rules out coordination with Syria as it spies on jihadists

Ukraine and Russia hold key talks

Treasurer took Qld businessman with links to North Korea on Asia trade...

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NRL players did own drug tests: Tandy

Lambie refuses to apologise for Chinese invasion comments

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Sweeping on Shwedagon: An act of merit

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Jihadists seize Syria's Tabqa airport after bloody battle: NGO

ASADA holds fire on Bombers

US arms Lebanon for fight against jihadists

Obama has taken no decision on Syria airstrikes: White House

Ex-Sharks player blasts Gallen, Cronulla

Five rockets fired from Syria into Israeli-held Golan

Nigeria launches national identity card scheme

US urges global 'coalition' to fight IS jihadists

US to track jihadists in Syria with spy planes

Bishop: Slain US journalist Foley opened our eyes

Japan ex-wrestler wages 'sports diplomacy' in N. Korea

Expert Says US Radicalization Is Home Grown

Cambodia loans rare Khmer sculptures to National Gallery of Australia

Prison officer shortage 'sparks rolling lockdowns' at WA max security...

North Korean leader's money manager defects in Russia: South Korea...

US steps up sanctions on Iran over nuclear program

Mass Held for Slain US Journalist James Foley

North Korean leader's money manager defects in Russia - South Korea...

Afghan election dispute into crucial phase

Muslims say they have not been consulted over 'draconian' anti-terror laws

New mystery air raid over Tripoli kills 10 Libyan Islamists

France rules out cooperation with Assad against Islamic State

Push to further deregulate trading hours as CCI says shoppers support...

Collapsing Libya sucks in Egypt with Gulf Ally in Islamist fight

'Young' at 34, Estrella wins 1st Grand Slam match

US journalist thankful for work to secure freedom

Last post: US mail service winds down in Afghanistan

Executions a 'common spectacle' in jihadist-held Syria: UN

Israel closes Golan area as Syria rebels seize crossing

Iraq forces ready bid to break jihadist siege of Shiite town

History in flames: Belgium recalls Leuven's ruins

BRIC wall: Brazil's economy slips into a recession

Syria refugees top three million

France's economic malaise: A sense of deja-vu?

Hungary strives to be central Europe's start-up capital by 2020

New Turkey PM leaves troubled foreign policy legacy

China shuts down Beijing Independent Film Festival

Obama on IS in Syria: 'We don't have a strategy yet'