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Rescuers dig out dead after Syria regime strike in Aleppo

Ghani takes oath as new Afghan president: AFP

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EU tax bruising for Apple

CSG safe to proceed but stricter safeguards needed, report finds

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Zimbabwe submits bid to host 2017 African Cup

Ukrainians topple Lenin statue in Kharkiv

Blasts in Syria's Homs kill 18, most children: state media

Commonwealth re-instates Fiji after election

US vows to fight new effort for UN control of Internet

Canadian finance minister says country not a tax haven

Turkey mulls permit for incursions in Syria, Iraq

Arab states risk backlash by joining Syria strikes

Show ride safety assurances after girl's death in Adelaide

Army supporters storm Jazeera's Beirut office

Doubts cast over US strike on 'Khorasan' group

EU commission-nominee critical on US trade talks

Selective logging in red gum national parks up for debate again

U.S.-led air strikes pose problem for Assad's moderate foes

Russian FM gives blistering attack on US, NATO

Khmer Rouge leaders lodge appeal of convictions

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un absent from parliament meet

Jordan bombed IS in Syria on Wednesday: US officials

Myanmar frees dozens more child soldiers from army: UN

UK drops terrorism case for ex-Guantanamo inmate

U.S. envoy says North Korea rejects talks on prisoners

US struggles to blunt Syria rebel anger at strikes

Kim Jong Un hospitalized after ankle surgery, newspaper says

Taliban bomb Afghan army vehicles in Kabul, seven dead

Afghan 'first lady' edges towards a public life

Obama efforts to oust Assad pushed to back burner

US-led air strikes disrupt jihadist oil operations in Syria

AP INTERVIEW: US should hit all militants in Syria

Will Barack Obama's Arab coalition stay the course?

Kim Jong Un remains out of public view after skipping Parliament

Candidate for top EU post stumbles into trade minefield

Afghanistan to inaugurate new president as NATO's war ends

Mammals declining in Kakadu National Park

Turkey deploys tanks to border as lawmakers to consider anti-IS action

Britain arrests nine in operation against Islamist militants

Venezuela opposition names new head to fight Maduro

Britain eyes Libor abuse powers for oil, gold markets

India launches campaign to boost manufacturing

British PM, Iran leader discuss IS in historic talks

Cash-poor Afghanistan will delay paying civil servants - finance ministry...

European stocks build on gains but euro shaken

Syria army takes key rebel-held town near capital

New refugee visas could provide boost for rural communities and farm...

CSG industry says the NSW chief scientist report is a green light for...

NATO gets new chief, one Putin may approve of

Syria's Al-Qaeda chief warns West against continued strikes

Turkey's Erdogan calls for no-fly zone in Syria

PM to decide in coming days on air strikes

Syrian rescuer, on a break, recalls horror of war

Iran nuclear talks faltering amid 'no progress'