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Holder Urges Peace Ahead of Ferguson Decision

Not guilty plea for man in Indiana teen's death

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Shia LaBeouf appears in New York court in disorderly conduct case

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Shia LaBeouf appears in N.Y. court in disorderly conduct case

US jury reaches decision in Ferguson police shooting

Opposition boycott mars polls in US ally Bahrain

Rising tension ahead of Ferguson grand jury decision

FBI files: Hedge fund analyst made millions on tips from insider

UBS to pay $1.5 billion over rate-rigging scandal

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'Normal' Family Life Helps White House Kids

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Vietnam halts planned eviction of center for bears

Aurora victims hold remembrance at movie theater

Ex-FBI agent to plead guilty to being AP source

Police: US school suspect had nearly 500 rounds

Analysis - Brazil and U.S., like star-crossed lovers, foiled again

No bail for African charged in Iran-uranium plot

Clean up and get back to footy: Dutton

Immigration Minister says he will look at plea for grandmother to stay in...

China's Bo Xilai goes on trial, culmination of dramatic fall

Soccer-loving pope cheers Messi, other players

Egyptian capital becomes battle zone amid crisis

Boston Marathon to accept another 9,000 runners in 2014

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Millions rally in Egypt, responding to army call

Hedge fund pleads not guilty to US fraud charges

Alcohol-fuelled violence crackdown approved 16 months ago

China puts activists on trial during holiday lull

Ex-BP engineer convicted on 1 obstruction charge