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State Labor member to introduce a private members bill to legalise...

Shaw treatment same as others: Vic premier

Controversial Vic MP flags abortion bill

Move to allow later abortions

A call from doctors for Tasmanians to vote on voluntary euthanasia

Attorney-General John Rau wary of mandatory sentencing private member's...

Row over new parliamentary rules

Opposition says MP Bernard Finnigan's parliamentary contribution...

Free vote on gay marriage likely:Turnbull

Premier stands by euthanasia push

Aust edging towards gay marriage: Wong

MP wants new law for gay school kids

Liberal Democratic Party Senator flags same-sex marriage bill

Smoking ban, no more lighting up in Melbourne

Speaker urges retention of parly changes

Video shows Vic premier desperate: Oppn

Land tax exemption promised for some

Abbott rules out deals with DLP senator

Shark cull petition presented to Senate

Vibe of the thing: Palmer on pensions bill

PNG minister wants bill to force MPs to show up

NZ MP urges Aust same-sex marriage reform

Abortion bill passes first hurdle

Palmer proposes national emergency fund

Premier denies secret deal with Geoff Shaw on abortion law

Drink-drive limit to be lowered in NZ

Condemnation for gvt investment in tobacco companies

'Farcical' fines for koala home destruction

Gay marriage: Plibersek to introduce private members bill

Federal Parliament may vote on same-sex marriage: Turnbull

Ban live odds in sports coverage: Xenophon

Bill to tackle online predators

Condemnation for gvt investment in tobacco companies

Broken Hill student wins 'best speaker' award in NSW Youth Parliament

Same-sex marriage bill voted down in South Australian Parliament

Queensland KAP to introduce ethanol mandate bill

House business for Monday March 18

Youngest MP backs gay marriage

Training cuts put marine engineers at risk

Vic premier rules out abortion law reform

Marine parks bill passes upper house

DLP bill 'bid to revive abortion debate'

Tas parliament to debate euthanasia bill

Shell to help combat petrol sniffing

Katter party wants to stop Qld MP pay rise

MP predicts lengthy inquiry on abortion changes

McGowan flags euthanasia bill

Nationals bring in laws to fight regional council amalgamations

Industry exaggerated $1 bet-limit costs

No vote for gay marriage bill before poll

No deal on Nile's unborn child bill: Govt

Minister winds back abortion timeframe

Senate return sees new faces

NSW a step closer to gay marriage

WA Greens MP Lynn MacLaren introduces Same Sex Marriage Bill 2013 to State...

Queensland MP Peter Wellington wants courts to get power to remove face...

NSW MPs on medicinal cannabis fact-finding mission

Strip Australian citizenship from terrorists: MP

Abbott too quick to reject hung parliament

NSW considers clearing criminal records for homosexual acts

Shaw plans US trip for abortion law bill

Turnbull told to stop advocating same-sex marriage or quit frontbench

NSW Premier backs childcare centres' right to exclude unvaccinated children

MS sufferer the face of NSW euthanasia campaign

Alex Greenwich 'appalled' by loophole allowing private schools to expel...

Tasmanian MPs scramble to get through big backlog

Independent promises euthanasia bill in WA

Murray-Darling MP suggests Sydney city councils share riches with western...