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Paris takes drastic measures to fight toxic smog

Argentina's leader tells UK to give up Falklands

Argentina's leader tells UK to give up Falklands

BBC trust head calls for radical overhaul

Cameron makes unexpected visit to Libya

BAE signs $4.1 billion aircraft deal with Oman

Bomb squad checks home of Britons slain in France

Britain braces for massive storm

Taliban says it suspends talks on held US soldier

Skeptical Syrian opposition to attend Rome talks

Nigeria extremists claim abduction of 7 foreigners

British fugitive caught sunbathing in Spain

Police: 7 foreigners kidnapped in north Nigeria

Nations pledge billions to rebuild Mali

EU, US agree to start free trade talks at G-8

EU warns about threat of foreign fighters in Syria

UK police: Russian tycoon Berezovsky found dead

Taliban checkpoint attack kills 21 Afghan soldiers

Gay marriage: Britain, France in surprise contrast

UK terror plot leader jailed for minimum 18 years

PR consultant: More Harry material may emerge soon

West Bank students attack British diplomat

Cameron delays Europe speech amid Algeria crisis

Intel dilemma in Boston, London, Paris attacks

French triple troops in Mali, prepare for assault

Paralympic cauldron lit in central London

Car bomb in Afghan capital kills 2 contractors

Cameron proposes British vote on EU relationship

Afghanistan's presidential campaign to begin

US, Britain halt nonlethal aid in northern Syria

Writer David Levithan on LGBT books for the young

Obama threatens Karzai with full US withdrawal

Palestinian, Belgian films among Oscar nominees

Dutch, Britons, Germans warned to leave Benghazi

Report blames chaos, not cover-up, for BBC scandal

Muslim hard-liners ID suspect in London attack

Interpol issues alert for British terror widow

Thompson starts as NY Times CEO amid BBC scandal

Britons shrug off nude photos of UK's Prince Harry

UK publicist Max Clifford arrested in sex case

Guardian makes splash in US with security scoops

Afghanistan frees detainees US calls 'dangerous'

Colorado movie theater reopens in somber ceremony

Jordan charges Muslim cleric deported from UK

Man accused of killing UK soldier appears in court

2 dead, 13 hurt after helicopter crashes in London

Car bomber kills 7 in Somali capital

France finds itself alone again in Central Africa

Syria opposition under pressure to negotiate

French jets bomb major Malian city in north

Afghan presidential election campaign kicks off

UK police: Man charged in UK soldier's murder

Syrian troops advance in central city

BBC under pressure to restore trust after scandal

Rockets fired at Eilat in southern Israel

Extremist groups hobble Syrian peace negotiations

Foreigners among dead in Kabul attack

G8 exposes rift among leaders on Syria

World welcomes US budget deal but fears remain

Brutal attack in London heightens terror fears

Iran unveils uranium sites, renews defiant tone

Obama steps up military aid to Syrian rebels

60 hostages dead, missing in Algeria standoff

Thousands seek refuge at Central African airport

Boeing stock tumbles after fire on 787 Dreamliner

EU: No deal reached at nuclear talks with Iran

France studies how to track arms for Syrian rebels

UN nuclear agency documents Iran atom advances

Chinese plane spots object in Indian Ocean

Sanctions relief offered in Iranian nuclear talks

Iran says it will speed up nuclear program

In Philippine relief efforts, China beat by Ikea

G-8 seeks unity on Syrian peace talks, tax evasion

Shoppers meet Kardashian, Miss Piggy on night out

Shoppers meet Kardashian, Miss Piggy on night out

Putin signs treaty to add Crimea to map of Russia

Algeria terror leader preferred money to death

Mysterious 'white widow' eludes police in Africa

Suicide bomber kills guard at US Embassy in Turkey

Turkey's tourism industry shrugs off protest fears

Police: Movie, TV legend James Garner dies