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Ukraine pays "high price" for beliefs-Poroshenko

Obama calls for 'united' Britain

In film on alternative car fuels, former Shell executive speaks out

Ex-Salvador leader sent to prison to await trial

Jimmy Carter Speaks on Islamic State at Forum

U.S. says respects Scots' views but prefers U.K. remain intact

US wants 'strong, robust, united' UK: White House

US to Assad: Beware of interfering with US air power in Syria

US 'shoulder to shoulder' with UK after hostage murder: Obama

Islamic State shoots down Syrian war plane -monitor group

Islamic State shoots down Syrian war plane - monitor group

Islamic State supporter warns of attacks against US: SITE

US rejects Crimea regional election

Obama thanks Congress for vote to aid Syrian rebels

Obama condemns beheading of Briton by extremists

Obama to Visit Atlanta Health Ctr. to Talk Ebola

Ukraine's Poroshenko says U.S. promises $1 billion in financial guarantees

Obama to tout U.S. climate plan at U.N. summit

US gives Ukraine $53 million in aid after emotional President's plea

US blacklists S.Sudan general and rebel force leader

White House calls for task force to tackle antibiotic-resistant bugs

Islamic State supporter warns of attacks against U.S. - SITE

Obama to press at UN for broader anti-IS coalition

Obama says U.S. will not fight another ground war in Iraq

Obama vows to "rally the world" against Islamic State

Foreign fighters, Ebola top Obama's UN agenda

Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania form joint military unit

Dempsey says U.S. strikes in Syria won't be "shock and awe"

Panama foreign minister invites Raul Castro to Americas Summit

Syria opposition head seeks support of anti-IS coalition

Obama signs bill to train, arm Syrian rebels

US bolstering cyber defense with new corps: NSA chief

Syrian army destroys Islamic State-controlled bridge

Guinea-Bissau president sacks army chief behind coup

Obama vows no ground war in Iraq

Countries scramble to make up 'precious time' lost in Ebola fight

Kerry says some nations offer ground troops to fight Islamic State

US military role in Iraq raises combat questions

Iranian FM says U.S. allies providing support to Islamic State

Netherlands may contribute F-16 fighter planes to counter IS - report

Kurds issue call to arms as Islamic State gains in Syria

David Cameron vows to confront Islamic State after hostage beheading

U.S. needs better end-of-life care, which might cut costs: study

Daughters of Chinese activists demand meeting with Obama

Bissau president picks close confidant as army chief

Lack of trust keeps Iran, US away from coalition

World leaders vow to help defeat IS miltants

Ukraine leader warns of Russia threat, seeks US support

US general says ground forces cannot be ruled out in war on Islamic State

Gymnast rumored linked to Putin leaves parliament

Russia says weapons from NATO states would abet war crimes in Ukraine

Ukraine leader visits Obama seeking US security pledge