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Egypt court sentences Mubarak to three years for graft

Egypt's Mubarak makes rare appearance for supporters

Egyptian court sentences Mubarak to three years jail

Mubarak sentenced to three years in prison

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Some lawyers banned from trial of Egypt's Mubarak

Palestinian leader mistakes Morsi for Mubarak

Egypt's Morsi to be tried for 2011 prison break: prosecution  

Egypt court bans top Mubarak partisans from running for office

Egypt's Mubarak in court, denies seizing public funds

Leftist Egypt candidate says Mubarak-era abuses continue

Fire collapses overpass in Cairo, kills policeman

Egypt's Mubarak to face trial on new charges

Egypt's Mubarak pays back $3 million for gifts

Key events in rule, trial of Egypt's Hosni Mubarak

Egypt's ousted leader Mubarak under house arrest

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Sisi calls on Egyptians to work for 'freedom', 'social justice'  

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Defense: Berlusconi not guilty in sex case

Egypt court overturns poll ban on Mubarak officials

Egypt's Mubarak talks for 1st time since detention

Egypt court jails anti-Mubarak activists for 3 years

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AP Interview: Egypt says Iranian tourists no risk

Israel: Gaza militants fired from Sinai last week

Egypt court sentences Mubarak to three years for graft

Seven jailed for life over Egypt sexual assaults

Egypt Cabinet sets minimum wage for workers

Egypt to put ex-leader Mubarak under house arrest

Mursi trial begins

Egypt: Retracing the road to revolution

Egypt's Mubarak breaks leg in hospital fall

Egypt's Mubarak convicted of graft, gets 3 years

One killed as Brotherhood supporters march on central Cairo

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Egypt acquits former Mubarak minister of corruption

Egypt's Mubarak to get new trial over killings

Egypt jails 7 anti-Mubarak activists under new law

Egypt blast caught on tape