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Obama calls for calm in Missouri as National Guard deploys

Police fire tear gas in US town as Obama calls for calm

Obama heading back to DC in rare vacation break

Obama confirms U.S. helped Iraqi, Kurdish forces retake dam

Iraqi special forces claim they took Mosul dam

Obama hails elimination of Syria chemical weapons

Obama sending attorney general Holder to Missouri

Obama calls for calm in Ferguson

Biden welcomes Castro amid 2016 VP chatter

Obama meets with advisors following weekend air strikes in Iraq

Obama back in Washington on rare vacation break

Obama condemns killers of James Foley, pledges vigilance in protecting...

Obama authorized US strike on Mosul Dam in Iraq: White House

Obama: World Is Appalled by Murder of Journalist

Obama pours cold water on Ice Bucket Challenge

Obama to speak on Iraq, Ferguson unrest

Obama tells lawmakers Iraq strikes in US interest

US Special Forces 'had attempted' to rescue Foley, other hostages

Obama calls for calm in Ferguson: 'Time to listen, not shout'

Biden Swears in Julian Castro As HUD Secretary

Obama on family vacation with just part of family

Independent Autopsy Reveals Michael Brown Wounds

Obama urges renewal of US Export-Import Bank

Obama says US to keep up airstrikes as militant advance halted

Obama urges Iraqis to unite because 'the wolf's at the door'

Obama to host UN summit on foreign fighters threat in Syria, Iraq

Obama to consider airstrikes in Syria against Islamic terror

Obama taking less vacation, but too much for some

Pentagon chief, general to hold 1930 GMT news conference

US weighs sending up to 300 troops to Iraq for security

Romney says Hillary Clinton can't distance herself from Obama

Obama urges reauthorization of the U.S. Export-Import Bank

Obama faces options in Iraq and Syria

Administration condemns Russian move into Ukraine

Obama again faces tug of military action in Syria

Obama walks fine line on racial issues

Merkel, Obama warn of 'dangerous escalation' in Ukraine

Obama hails Syria arms destruction, vows vigilance

Hillary Clinton Stirs More 2016 Talk With Iowa Appearance

Obama could seek new funds to battle Islamic State: Senate aide

Obama weighs broader move on legal immigration

North Korea insults John Kerry over his looks

US mounted failed hostage rescue in Syria, White House says

Perry presses for greater US involvement in Iraq

George W. Bush takes ice bucket challenge, dares Bill Clinton