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US couple sentenced to prison in Bali suitcase killing

US Couple Sentenced for Bali Killing

Long prison sentences for U.S. couple in Bali suitcase murder

U.S. pair accused in Bali suitcase murder may hear verdicts Tuesday

U.S. couple found guilty of 'sadistic' Bali suitcase murder

Colombian acid survivor seeks tougher justice for 'an identity erased'

Boston Marathon bomber's lawyers prepare case for life

'Batman' killer studied brain disorders before mass murder

Jail for Focarelli stabber

Husband sentenced to 20 years in jail for shooting ex-wife

Lawyer: Is boy mature enough to aid murder defense

Only Pistorius knows what his running means now

Minister not told for 8 months on jihadist

Chief says Santa Monica killings were premeditated

Teen charged with homicide by assault in ref death

Iraq vet pleads guilty to killing fellow soldiers

Expert: Jodi Arias suffered from PTSD, memory loss

Pistorius as mysterious as the shooting tragedy

SAfrica police: Pistorius detective faces charges

A look at the murder case facing Oscar Pistorius

Excerpts of prosecutor's case against Pistorius

Pistorius Claims He Mistook Lover for Intruder

Confused Testimony in Pistorius Case

Correction: Newborn Twins Killed story

Jurors ask Jodi Arias about religion, memory

APNewsBreak: Afghan massacre trial set for Sept.

Wife killer jailed for 16 years in Sydney

Terrorists with Western links a growing threat

Pa. Ex-pastor Convicted of Killing 2nd Wife

Fort Hood murderer, two others seen headed to notorious U.S. prison

Fort Hood shooter chooses not to make closing argument

Fort Hood victim's widow testifies as sentencing looms

No defense from suspect in 2009 Fort Hood shooting

6 dismissed in 1st day of Fort Hood murder trial

Family: Pistorius to start 'low-key' track routine

Egypt: 16 killed in clashes near pro-Morsi rally

Egyptian asylum seeker Sayed Abdel Latif says he is innocent of all...

Police say condo shooting domestic-related

Authorities: Suspected LAX Gunman Charged

Morsi grabs limelight to insist he is Egypt's president

Two charged with Madagascar lynching

Judge indicates Fort Hood suspect can keep beard

Army sergeant sentenced to life in Colo. slaying

3 Algerians sentenced to death for murder

Pistorius murder trial to have own TV channel

Prosecutor: Lying Pistorius has lost this race

Pistorius' defense is 'devoid of any truth', prosecutor says

Family: Pistorius' brother in intensive care

Bahrain court sentenced 14 Shiites to life in prison over police death

Jodi Arias seeks delay of penalty phase retrial

Pistorius to be sent for psychiatric tests

Minnesota man convicted of premeditated murder

Shock as three dead in gun attack at Brussels Jewish Museum

US gunman identified, is Hollywood director's son

Ex-Blackwater guard indicted on murder charge

Mom accused of killing kids said they were 'mean'

Navarone Hutchins machete murder: Jordan Lee Campbell jailed for 22 years...

Pistorius 'may not have been on prostheses', prosecutors admit

Montana bride accused in husband's cliff death to be sentenced

Judge adjourns Pistorius trial to April 7

Pistorius likely to testify first as defence opens

Day 10 of Pistorius trial sees forensic blunders

Chris Lane murder accused back in court

Pistorius smashed toilet door 'on stumps', forensic expert says

Pistorius' girlfriend was first shot in hip: ballistics expert

Ballistics expert reconstructs Steenkamp's dying moments

Pistorius house 'a good buy', says new owner

Tearful judge gives man 17 years for Michigan porch shooting

Police designate couple 'prisoners' after killing of American in Bali

American slain in Bali, daughter had troubled past

Pistorius claims on immobility called into question