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Weather warning in place as thunderstorm hits Perth

Doctor in NYC Quarantined With Ebola

Sick woman at Dallas train station not on Ebola watchlist: official

NSW parliament on alert after Canada shooting

French medical team trains for Ebola aid mission to Guinea

New York hospital tests doctor for Ebola

4 consulates get suspicious packages in Turkey

Suspicious powder sent to Canadian, Belgian, German, US consulates in...

Court allows Oklahoma to delay executions due to lack of drugs

Suspicious powder sent to western consulates in Istanbul - officials

Blood sample tests negative for Pennsylvania police ambush suspect

US, Canada air defenses on alert after Ottawa shooting

US increases security, though no threats cited

Threats to Queensland's high-ranking officials reviewed after Canadian...

Suspicious powder sent to western consulates in Istanbul: officials

For many journalists Ebola's invisible threat scarier than war

Nepal disaster a 'wake-up call' for trekkers and agencies

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As Ebola reaches New York, what you need to know

Ebola sleuths scour DR Congo jungle for source of outbreak

Search shifts after possible fugitive sighting

Two dead in shooting attack at Canada's Parliament

Ronaldo sets best scoring start in Spanish league

Plant virus wiping out Northern Territory watermelon farms found in...

CDC Calls for New Ebola Safety Guidelines

Canada on Edge After Parliament Hill Shootings

Egypt clamps down on campuses over new unrest fears

Canada vows tougher laws as citizens worry in face of attacks

Egypt clamps down on campuses over new unrest fears

WHO: Mali case put many at risk for Ebola

South Korean safety official dead after concert tragedy kills 16

U.S. to issue new Ebola care guidelines, watch lists to shrink

Storm passing 'dangerously close' to Hawaiian area

Two dead in Canada Parliament shooting attack

U.S. to funnel travelers from Ebola-hit region through five airports

Ebola lapses persisted for days at Dallas hospital

Three quarantined after first ebola case in New York

Students nervously return to school after shooting

Vikings deny Texans home-field playoff advantage

Residents clean up after wild weather weekend

In Sandy, NYC rescuers find themselves the victims

Security fears force removal of Prince William pix

Crews hoping for upper hand over SA bushfire

East Coast earthquake created a 'new normal'

Powerful typhoon approaches Japan's Okinawa island

US homes cracking due to drought-parched soil

Plague, hantavirus, West Nile: How to avoid them

Calif. bank robbed device strapped to manager

Eastern US braces for dangerous superstorm

Experts: Killer shark was probably great white

Michigan roadway shootings prompt school lockdowns

China ends nuke plant ban set after Japan disaster

Explosion forces shutdown at ADM plant in Illinois

Italy steel exec arrested in UK over ILVA plant

Dreamliner woes spotlight Japan battery maker

Two survive light plane crash in Qld