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Minn. casino cooks up record 1-ton cheeseburger

UMass students nosh on 6,700-pound seafood stew

Scotland would lose the pound if it leaves UK - Osborne

Lloyds lifts bonus pool, confirms dividend return

Co-op Bank takes 700 million pound hit on bad loans, IT woes

No union, no pound - London's warning to Scotland

UK's Cameron announces 1.1 billion pound defense investment

Israel pounds Gaza for a fifth day

Va. soybeans, peanuts, cotton post record yields

SD red meat production down 20 percent

Wallis Simpson's jewels sell at London auction

Syria pound surges against dollar: trader

Grain futures, beef prices fall

Lloyds' PPI compensation bill to rise to 8 billion pounds: Sky News

Grain futures mostly fall, livestock prices fall

Grain futures mixed, beef prices fall

Grain futures rise, pork prices fall

Grain futures mostly rise, livestock prices up

Grain futures mixed, pork prices fall