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John Paul II's spokesman defends him on abuse scandal

Double canonization celebrated from Sao Paolo to Manila

John Paul II : Soon-to-be saint and in Poland, still a hero

Two popes to become saints in first ever double canonization ceremony

Today in History April 2

Today in History

Gun used against Pope John Paul II flown to Poland

Today in History for April 13th

Today in History

Pope's Relic on Wheels Departs to Rome

Anticipation mounts ahead of the Vatican's double canonization

Papal relics on display as double-canonization hype builds

Polish marathoner runner travel 2000Km for Pope's cannonisation

Today in History April 13

Costa Rican 'miracle' woman arrives for JPII's canonisation

Italian police find John Paul II relic discarded by thieves

5 places in Poland associated with John Paul II

Thieves 'threw away' John Paul II relic

Francis recalls John Paul II's death 9 years ago

Bosnians unveil statue of Pope John Paul II

Pope Francis visits John Paul II's tomb

Pope looking forward to pilgrimage to Poland

Vatican dismisses criticism of John Paul II over abuses

Prayers across Poland for Pope John Paul II

Two Modern Popes About to Become Saints

Gun used against Pope John Paul II to be exhibited

Some personal notes of John Paul II to be published

Abuse victims slam John Paul II sainthood

Sainthood looms for John Paul II and John XXIII


Today in History for June 2nd

Poles applaud beloved John Paul II's sainthood

Vial of John Paul's blood stolen in Italy

In shift, Pope Francis walks procession

Relic love in Philippines for candidate saint John Paul II

Argentine publisher reissues book on Pope Francis

Vatican panel clears John Paul II for sainthood

Pope captivates crowds with 1st words about peace

Today in History for April 8th

Floribeth Mora Diaz: John Paul II's second miracle

New museum to open celebrating John Paul II

Conclave cardinals by continent

John Paul saint-maker: Pope not involved in Legion

Thousands witness canonization of Popes John XXIII and John Paul II

'Miracle' woman honours saint-to-be John Paul II

Pilgrims flock to Fatima shrine in Portugal

Pilgrims amass in Poland to celebrate John Paul II

Giant John Paul II statue readied for unveiling

En route for sainthood, German's road trip in John Paul 'relic'

Against his will, John Paul II's notes in print

Vatican television changes its angle for Pope Francis

John Paul II sainthood stirs Latin Americans

John Paul II: beloved pope who left reformists cold

Saintly popes mended Catholic-Jewish relations

Vatican readies for Sunday's double canonisation

Ukrainian leader meets pope, leaving Rome early

Catholic youth in Argentina celebrate double canonization

Pentagon chief Panetta meets Pope Benedict

En route for sainthood, German's road trip in John Paul 'relic'

Thousands expected at Vatican for double canonisation

Revised statue of John Paul II inaugurated in Rome

Former Vic priest guilty of sex abuse

John Paul II: beloved pope who left reformists cold

John Paul miracle woman cries describing cure

Vatican official: Romero saint effort 'unblocked'