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Oil slide puts Venezuela's Maduro under pressure for reforms

Regional police radio network to be upgraded if Labor wins Victorian...

Japan industry minister resigns over make-up scandal

Labor claim Parliamentary Budget Office figures show Government planned...

Kentucky Senate rivals hold solitary debate

Rouble rout rattles Russia

Ryan: Humans might not be cause of climate change

Poverty, income levels drive minimum wage debate

Lockheed Martin claims nuclear energy breakthrough

Greek stocks plummet as bond yield surge threatens bailout exit

Ireland eyes 15-year bond to refinance bailout loans - sources

Aboriginal Legal Service calls for 24-hour hotline to prevent further...

China, Russia mull high-speed Moscow-Beijing rail line: report

Japan firms want government action if yen weakens: Reuters poll

Thailand plans one of world's tallest skyscrapers

Bavaria may house overflow of refugees in Oktoberfest beer tents

Two Japan ministers quit amid scandals

Indonesia's Widodo to hike fuel prices by around 50 per cent

Cash-strapped young Afghans turn to low-cost mass weddings

GOP targets Dem House districts that backed Romney

CLP and Labor both claim bragging rights after Lauren Moss wins Casuarina...

Costco seeks China path that avoids Wal-Mart's potholes

US stocks robustly rebound, as GE, Morgan Stanley shine

Greece returns to market spotlight with nosedive

UK banks in mis-selling scandal pay out less than half of refund pot

Exodus campaign to Berlin sparks outrage in Israel

Big Brazil banks look well placed to ride out economic downturn

Analysis - Costco seeks China path that avoids Wal-Mart's potholes

U.S. stocks robustly rebound, as GE, Morgan Stanley shine

Modi's BJP makes big gains in Indian state polls

Liberal senators urge against buying overseas subs

Bank of England may keep rates low for longer, says chief economist

ECB eyes extra funding for Greek banks as Athens markets plunge

Big Brazil banks look well placed to ride out economic downturn

GOP's Gillespie ditches ads in Senate race in Va.

Exclusive - Indonesia's new president plans steepest fuel price rises in...

Casuarina by-election: Labor Party, CLP go all out to win seat

Indonesia's new president faces tough early tests

India's top court grants jailed Indian politician bail

Widespread safety issues identified at Bangladesh clothing factories

Bankia scandal touches raw nerve

Italy flirts again with spin-off plan for Telecom Italia network

Dems hope for strong get-out-the-vote success

Hong Kong left to foot bill of Argentina trouncing

Frontline police to escape job cuts in return for 18-month pay freeze,...

AbbVie cools on $55 billion Shire deal after U.S. tax changes

Mobs Confront Hong Kong Students Readying for Police Showdown

Ky. Senate candidates pursue each other's base

Kremlin dismisses EU hopes of Ukraine progress

Ebola deflating hopes for poor African economies

UK jobless rate falls again, recovery shows signs of cooling

Dungowan Valley residents call for exploration of other dam break options

EU to scale up Ebola response

The key to nuclear's future or an element of doubt?

US bid for oil supremacy shakes crude market