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Spanish police arrest dozens in $300 million corruption case

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Police taskforce to investigate trade union corruption

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ICAC founder unhappy with Cunneen probe

Lobbyist rules and MPs' code of conduct to be updated by South Australian...

US Supreme Court late night rulings on death row fates

ICAC probe into top prosecutor witness-coaching claims

China unveils legal reform plans, but says party to remain in control

Anwar defiant as Malaysia top court hears sodomy appeal

China Communist party to keep grip on legal system

British-Brazilian film 'Trash' wins top prize at Rome film fest

British-Brazilian film 'Trash' wins top prize at Rome film fest

Demo picture brings spark of Hollywood fame to Bulgarian student

Malaysia's Anwar says hopeful, lawyers question DNA evidence

Loyalists, uncertainty surround Haiti's ex-leader

Malaysia's Anwar in court for appeal against sodomy conviction

Protesters rally in Haiti capital demanding vote

Fathers of missing Mexican students blast president after meeting

Canada security services struggle with extremist threat, resources gap

Ukraine's parliament to remain a rowdy place

Analysis - Botswana, Africa's diamond, risks losing its sparkle

Global engineering company Layne Christensen used Australian subsidiary to...

Families of missing Mexican students still waiting

Ex-gov, ex-con Edwin Edwards on the stump again

Brazil set to vote after bruising campaign

War-weary Ukraine set to pick pro-Western parliament in election

Ukraine looks to reform with an eye on Europe

Rousseff pledges changes after narrow re-election win, markets fall

Pakistan: Bhutto's son launches political career

Cautious enforcer to be China's next premier

Dad seeks justice for slain son in broken Honduras

Sarkozy joins ex-French leaders under legal fire

New Somali parliament votes for president Monday

Belarus dissident fighting extradition by Ecuador

SAfrica's alliance blames mining companies

Palestinian protests turn violent in West Bank

Illinois dragging its feet on huge pension problem

Cleric fires up Pakistanis, demands gov't resign

Violence plagues Tunisia's politics 2 years later

Pakistani truckers of NATO goods go on strike

FIFA warns of 'long' fight against match-fixing

Invest now, Russia says _ but warning signs loom

Russia moves to enact anti-gay law nationwide

Italy steel exec arrested in UK over ILVA plant

Brazil police: Outdoor flare started club fire

Senior Ukraine cop convicted of killing journalist

Bo Xilai jailed for life