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Federal police take control of 13 towns in Mexico

French police nab burglar watching TV, bubbly in hand

Soldiers end protest by Algerian police

Man charged after allegedly assaulting police

Mexico feds to replace 13 local police forces suspected of crime ties

Turkey opposition says government creating police state

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Police brutality video at Hong Kong protest sparks outrage

HK police baton charges leave at least 20 injured

Officers conduct multiple raids in Brisbane

Police: Suspect chased through Chicago Marathon

Regional police radio network to be upgraded if Labor wins Victorian...

Rochedale shooting: Queensland Police Union presidents calls for monthly...

Hong Kong activists recapture streets after police crackdown

Pro-democracy protesters regroup, clash with police

Wife accused of arranging husband's Bali murder

Suspicious fire damages house

Police probe New Hampshire pumpkin fest melee

Indiana police search vacant houses after arrest of suspected killer

Brazilian man 'confesses to killing 39'

Hong Kong protests

Police officer fined after accessing information about stepdaughter's crash

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Man shot in head by police in Brisbane

Serial killing suspect leads US police to seven bodies

Cyclist injured after hit and run

Man found in Bali tied up in plastic bag with throat slashed