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Hong Kong police use pepper spray on protesters

Night clashes in Hong Kong

Police, protesters clash overnight

Pro-democracy protesters regroup, clash with police

Police moves in Hong Kong protests spark outrage

Hong Kong police arrest 26 amid street clashes

Multiple arrests as Hong Kong protesters retake protest camp

Hong Kong police in violent clashes with protesters

Multiple arrests as Hong Kong demonstrators retake protest camp

Hong Kong Chief Open to Talks With Protesters

Hong Kong govt to open talks with democracy protesters next week

Police brutality video at Hong Kong protest sparks outrage

Fresh scuffles between Hong Kong police, activists

Hong Kong police battle for Mong Kok roads as protesters return

HK legal chief says govt 'impartial' on police brutality

New Hong Kong clashes as demonstrators try to retake protest camp

Hong Kong police mount dawn raids to move in against protesters

Hong Kong police charm offensive goes awry after beating

Hong Kong police charge leaves protesters injured

Students clean up after mayhem near pumpkin fest

Hong Kong students put their case to government, but no breakthrough

HK leader reopens talks offer after police brutality video

Test shows gunshot residue on St. Louis suspect

Hong Kong officials, democracy protesters hold first talks 

Hong Kong students, officials talk but don't agree

Hong Kong police use sledgehammers, chainsaws to clear protest barriers,...

Hong Kong leader hopes for fresh talks after night of clashes

Hong Kong protesters add helmets to their umbrellas

After violent weekend, Hong Kong protest leaders gird for talks

Hong Kong leader indicates possible concession as talks begin

In Hong Kong, no endgame for chaotic protests

Hong Kong police beat back protesters in violent clashes

Border Patrol under scrutiny for deadly force

Accused cries in court as jury sees photos of burns suffered by woman she...

Former police officer sentenced to 10 years jail over sex offences

Police: US cop pepper-sprayed boy skipping school

Turkish police raid sit-in against tree removal

Brazil protesters keep up pressure on government

US envoy accosted amid Kosovo vote on Serbia deal

6 injured in ticket chaos at WCup venue in Brazil

Accused Seattle college shooter planned rampage: prosecutors

Seattle shooting suspect reported 'a rage inside'

Police officer caught pepper-spraying chained dog

Jay Z's touring 'blueprint': Rapper co-headlines

Bashtag: NYPD Twitter campaign backfires

In West Bank, teen offenders face different fates

Police: Ferguson More Peaceful

Climate change protest clogs New York's financial district

Scuffles erupt as Hong Kong protests face clear-out

Hong Kong protesters cancel talks after scuffles

Hong Kong protests see 'blue ribbon' backlash

Hong Kong protests shrink after tumultuous week

Hundreds join Missouri protest of police shootings

Police shooting protests expand across St. Louis

Police throng Tampa with GOP convention in town

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