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Stanford, Harvard researchers to share $500K medical prize

Doerr, Guirgis among Pulitzer winners in arts

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Motown songwriter-producer Deke Richards dies

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Secretive Bilderberg group holds meeting in Copenhagen

Asians outperform white students because they try harder: study

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China and US establish dialogue between armies

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Michelle Obama meets Chinese educators

Asia Day Ahead: China awaits results ... and Michelle Obama

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China, Taiwan hold historic talks to forge closer ties

Chinese scholar warns US on university 'spies'

In Philippine relief efforts, China beat by Ikea

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China unveils legal reform plans, but says party to remain in control

Ichthyosaur fossil solves reptile riddle

2014 becoming warmest year on record

Apple curbs Russia sales as McDonald's, Renault lift prices

Former top planning official jailed for life in China over graft

China's Xi calls for tighter ideological control in universities

China graft crackdown ensnares senior spy chief

Trams could be king of the road in future Melbourne

Alibaba clash spotlights China political risk for business

US university, foundation invested in frozen Chinese stocks

Ex-Beijing mayor and backer of 1989 crackdown dies

US leaker faces hard choices while in hiding

NKorea to face sanctions for nuke, but China key

US seared during hottest year on record by far

Senior China leader urges island talks with Japan

Beijing warns residents after off-the-charts smog

TV confessions in China an unsettling new trend for executives

US seared during hottest year on record by far

Pollution worsens in Beijing

Chinese warships to join US in drills off Hawaii for first time

China announces date for key Communist Party meeting