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India's Sonia Gandhi hospitalised for infection

Russia reaches out to Europe's far-right parties

Favourite Jim Murphy becomes the new Scottish Labour leader

South Korean far-left party dissolved for 'backing N.Korea'

UK coalition partner accuses Cameron of 'devastating' spending cuts

Italian PM Renzi calls on factious party to unite for reforms

Japan votes in snap poll

CEO of Brazil's Petrobras says she will not resign

Vigil in Islamabad

China indicts ex-mayor of Nanjing on graft charges

Japan's weak opposition makes Abe default choice

Scottish Labour picks new leader as UK election battle looms

Scottish Labour picks new leader as election battle looms

S Korea court orders dissolution of leftist party

Man rams failed car bomb into Spain ruling party HQ

Wanted: Scottish Labour leader to swing 2015 election

China official admits millions in jade bribes: report

Abe's ruling party favored to win Japan vote

China demotes 1,000 officials with family abroad in graft fight

Unseated Japan opposition leader steps down

Dutch PM agrees to change health bill to avoid government collapse

Russia's Lavrov criticises Ukraine statement on neutral status

Russia's Lavrov criticizes Ukraine statement on neutral status

Pakistan opposition party rallies in major city

Japan PM Abe re-elected with two-thirds majority

Fuelled by coffee, Londoners hit morning disco before work

Farmers looking for the results from vegetation law review

Japan PM Abe re-elected with two-thirds majority: exit polls

FIFA to ban third-party player ownership

Burundi opposition claims fraud as voter registration ends

Man rams car into headquarters of Spain's ruling party

PM Abe's coalition wins Japan election

Spanish police probe car attack on ruling party HQ

Cambodia parliament elevates opposition boss to shore up truce